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Liquid Biopsy Promising in Children with Vascular Malformations

EzraDoctors at Seattle Children’s are investigating whether a simple liquid biopsy containing a small amount of fluid from a patient may someday provide an easier route to a genetic diagnosis in children with vascular or lymphatic malformations. Read Ezra's story.

Facial Surgery Boosts Emma’s Confidence

EmmaFacial nerve mapping opened the door to a correct diagnosis and new treatment options for Emma’s hemangioma – which gave her a huge confidence boost. The technique means shorter surgery time, with smaller cuts and near-zero risk of nerve injury. Read Emma's story.

Life-Changing Care Ends Regimen of Painful, Risky Shots

AlexisSevere venous malformations made it tough for Alexis to breathe or eat and required painful injections every couple of months. But after glue embolization, Alexis is living like a normal 7-year-old. Read Alexis' journey.

“I’m happy to be back doing the things I love.”

AveryA tangle of extra veins in their legs made walking painful and sports out of the question for Madison and Avery. Both are back in the game after Super Glue hardened the veins so surgeons could remove them. Read how super glue helped Madison and Avery.

New Standard of Care for Painful, Disfiguring Veins

PiperPiper was born with a cluster of extra veins in her tongue that swelled larger as she grew and threatened her ability to swallow, speak and breathe normally. That threat is gone, thanks to a life-changing procedure. Read Piper's story.

Pioneering a Safer Way to Remove Tangles of Extra Veins

KalebUntil Seattle Children’s pioneered glue embolization, the only way to treat extra veins were painful injections, often repeated many times. Our Vascular Anomalies team knew there had to be a better way. Read how glue embolization helped Kaleb.

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