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    Baby’s Path to Lifesaving Transplant Sheds Light on Disparities in Pediatric Organ Donation

    Dr. Evelyn Hsu is helping to shine a light on the problems with the current point system that determines the priority for who receives an organ.
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    Mother Donates Kidney to Save Her Daughter's Life, Advocates for Donor Awareness

    Francisca Allard always knew she would be a match for her daughter, Raegen, who needed a kidney transplant.
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    Special Forces of Life Strengthen Bond Between Hudson and His Uncle Trevor

    Hudson received a portion of his uncle’s liver as part of a living donor liver transplant.

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    Life-Saving Transplant Inspires One Family to Give Back

    In recognition of Donate Life Month, we share the story of how a life-altering diagnosis put the Kaczmarek family on a philanthropic journey to help others in need.

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  • Liver Transplant swimming

    Family Travels Across Country for Liver Transplant to Treat Rare Disease

    Annette Cole share’s her son Trevor’s life-changing diagnosis of maple syrup urine disease.

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  • Liver Transplant

    Mother Donates a Piece of Her Liver to Save Her Baby

    Read how Olivia’s mother donated a piece of her liver to save her baby with a living-donor transplant.

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  • Life Saving Kidney

    Mom Donates a Kidney to a Stranger to Save Her Son As Part of a Life-Saving Kidney Chain

    When Nigel’s mother offered to donate a kidney to him but she was not a match, the National Kidney Registry set up a paired exchange.

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  • Life Saving Heart

    Alaska Baby Who Received Life-Saving Heart Transplant Goes Home

    Serious birth defects meant Lincoln needed a new heart. He got one after only 3 months on the wait list, half the national average.

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  • Paying it Forward

    The Ultimate Act of “Paying It Forward”: A Mom’s Lifesaving Mission

    A liver transplant transformed Cindi’s fragile son into the picture of strength and inspired her to donate a kidney to a co-worker’s wife.

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  • McKinley

    McKinley Gives Hope to Others With Kidney Disease

    Read how a prenatal diagnosis and expert care at Seattle Children’s has helped McKinley Miller thrive, despite being born with just one diseased kidney.
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