The Surgery Pulmonary Follow-Up Clinic serves children who have had major chest surgery that might affect their lungs over the long term. Many of these children need care from the time they are babies to their teen years or longer. Our clinic gives families a single place to come to check their child's health and get treatment and advice from experts.

What services do you offer?

The clinic is designed to keep your child as healthy as possible if they have had part of a lung removed or if their lungs didn't develop fully (pulmonary hypoplasia). Our patients include children who have congenital lung malformationscongenital diaphragmatic hernia or other conditions such as esophageal atresia that may affect the lungs.

After the clinic team reviews your child's health history and examines your child, we focus on helping you know what to expect, such as:

  • How your child's condition and surgery may affect their growth and development
  • How often your child should visit for an exam and what tests they may need
  • Which treatments or services may help with your child's current health concerns
  • What to watch for so any new problems can be found and treated early

Your child will have a follow-up plan and schedule tailored to them. Some children may come only for a yearly check-up; others may come more often.

We provide treatment for a range of conditions, such as breathing or feeding problems, heart conditions or problems with development, or we refer you to the experts your child needs. Our team can also be a resource for your child's pediatrician.

What's special about the experience at Seattle Children's?

Seattle Children's has one of the most experienced pediatric surgery teams in the nation and one of the country's best pediatric pulmonary programs. Each year our experts see thousands of new patients, often children who are the sickest or who have complex or rare conditions. We also follow children who have a range of long-term healthcare needs, always working to get the best outcomes for them and their families.

Our Surgery Pulmonary Follow-Up Clinic is a leader in providing team-based follow-up care for children who have had major chest surgery. Along with giving each child care that's tailored to them, we hope to learn more about the long-term effects of surgery. Our goal is to establish standards and guidelines to improve care for all children who need surgical pulmonary follow-up.

Who's On the Team?

Surgeon Daniel J. Ledbetter, MD, and lung specialist Thida Ong, MD, lead the Surgery Pulmonary Follow-Up Clinic. The team also includes a surgical nurse practitioner, a surgical clinic nurse and a nutritionist.

Based on your child's needs, the clinic team will connect you with healthcare providers from other areas of Seattle Children's, such as GastroenterologyOccupational TherapyNeurodevelopmental and the Heart Center.