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Surgery Pulmonary Follow-Up Clinic

What is the Surgery Pulmonary Follow-Up Clinic?

The Surgery Pulmonary Follow-Up Clinic serves children who have had surgery that might affect their lungs over the long term. Often, children we see had major chest surgery or procedures to repair congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). Many need care from the time they are babies to their teen years or longer.

What's special about the Surgery Pulmonary Follow-Up Clinic at Seattle Children's?

Our clinic gives you a single place where a team of experts checks your child's health and provides treatment and advice. The goal of our team-based follow-up care is to keep your child as healthy as possible after CDH repair or major chest surgery. 

    • Seattle Children's has one of the most experienced pediatric surgery teams in the nation, with excellent outcomes.
    • For more than a decade, U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked us among the top pediatric pulmonary programs in the country, which means your child will be cared for by the very best. With a top-10 national ranking by U.S. News & World Report for 2020-21, our Pulmonary Program is the highest-ranked program in the Northwest.
    • Each year our experts see thousands of new patients. Often these children are the sickest or have complex or rare conditions.
    • We take care of long-term healthcare needs, always working to get the best outcomes for your child and family.
    • We study the long-term effects of major chest surgery so we can give our patients better care.
    • We work with other groups to update national guidelines. Our aim is to improve treatment for all children who need surgical pulmonary follow-up.

Who can benefit from follow-up at this clinic?

We treat babies, children, teens and young adults who:

  • Had part of a lung removed
  • Have lungs that did not develop fully (pulmonary hypoplasia)

Our patients include children who have conditions that may affect the lungs, such as:

Our Services

At your first visit, the clinic team reviews your child's health history and examines your child. Then we focus on helping you know what to expect, such as:

  • How your child's condition and surgery may affect their growth and development
  • How often your child should visit for an exam
  • What tests they may need
  • Which treatments or services may help with your child's current health concerns
  • What to watch for so any new problems can be found and treated early

Your child will have a follow-up plan and a schedule that’s right for them. Some children may come only for a yearly check-up. Others may come more often.

We provide treatment or refer you to the experts your child needs for a range of conditions. These include problems with:

  • Breathing
  • Feeding
  • Their heart
  • Development

Our team can also be a resource for your child's primary care provider.

Who’s on the team?

Dr. Thida Ong, a lung specialist, leads the Surgery Pulmonary Follow-Up Clinic. The team also includes a surgical clinic nurse and a nutritionist.

Based on your child's needs, the clinic team will connect you with healthcare providers from other areas of Seattle Children's, such as:

Contact Us

Contact our General and Thoracic Surgery Department at 206-987-2794 for an appointment, a second opinion or more information.

To make an appointment, you can call us directly or ask your child’s primary care provider to refer you. We encourage you to coordinate with your primary care provider when coming to Seattle Children’s.

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