Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Patient Stories

With New Leg, Radhika Walks For First Time

Radhika's new walkerA prosthetic leg enabled Radhika to take her first unassisted steps and experience the world in a whole new way. Read her story.

Better Concussion Care

AmitA strategic gift brings together the expertise needed to better understand, prevent and treat concussions in kids and teens. Read more.

“Boot Camp” Designed to Prevent ACL Injuries Keeps Derby Girls Rolling

Seattle Derby BratsSeattle Children’s athletic trainers provide an innovative type of customized care that not only treats injuries, but reduces them as well. Read more.

Doctor Gets Creative With Casts for Little Girl with Cerebral Palsy

Lauren and Dr. YandowAfter a five-hour surgery, Lauren came out of the operating room with two bright pink and purple casts, adorned with pink bows on each foot. Read more.

Doctors Use Magnets to Correct Scoliosis

Alex smilingRead how the MAGnetic Expansion Control (MAGEC) system enabled doctors to treat Alex’s scoliosis with far fewer surgeries and less time in the hospital. Read more.

Focusing on Function

Seattle Children’s bone dysplasia team is the region's resource for helping children and families anticipate and address the medical and physical challenges of dwarfism. Read the full story.

Is “Thank You” Enough?

Kat Discoria shares her experience of battling Ewing sarcoma. Read more.

Keeping Young Athletes in the Game

See the special showing how Seattle Children’s helps kids stay in the game amidst sports injuries and health conditions. Watch the video.

MAGEC Means Less Surgery for Kids With Severe Scoliosis

Surgeons at Seattle Children’s helped introduce a technology that reduces surgeries for kids with severe scoliosis – and improves their lives. Read Carmen’s story.

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Patient Stories

Ramon rock climbingOur patients inspire us every day with their courage. Read their stories on our blog, On the Pulse.

Paul Excels Through His Physical Disability, Never Allowing It to Dictate His Life

Paul as a young childRead Paul Wright’s story, in his own words, from diagnosis of arthrogryposis at birth to successful businessman. Read more.

Sage’s Story

Seattle Children's helps athletes with disabilities stay in the game. Read more.

Sports Medicine Doctors Use Their Own Unique Experiences to Relate to Kids and Teens

Lockhart Burton QuitiquitAs former Division I athletes, our sports medicine doctors know what it’s like to suffer an injury. Read more.

Two Rods, 16 Screws, One New Me

Love Wahl on balance beamSpinal fusion helps teen gymnast overcome scoliosis. Read more.