Treatment and Services

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Services

Our Orthopedics team is known for developing innovative treatments and providing world-class care. In addition to prevention, our doctors offer early diagnosis and sophisticated techniques to treat and manage conditions of the bones, joints and muscles.

Our doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers and many other staff members specialize in musculoskeletal conditions. We are experts at working with children of all ages, from infants through teens.

Our focus is doing what’s best for each family and their unique needs. While our team is comprised of renowned orthopedic surgeons, we do our best to keep children out of surgery whenever possible.

More About Our Services

Athletic Training Program

Our Athletic Training Program provides athletic trainers to dozens of high schools in the Puget Sound region. Our athletic trainers are licensed and certified and have master's-level training. They provide sport-specific training and conditioning programs for high-school athletes, as well as injury care at games.

Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program

The Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program at Seattle Children’s offers complete care for children, teens and young adults with a wide range of hip conditions. Some of our patients do not have pain or problems until they are young adults, even though the hip condition was present at birth or developed during childhood. We offer many treatments and services, both with and without surgery.

Foot and Ankle Deformities Program

We are a leader in researching and developing treatments that correct foot and ankle deformities, sometimes without using major surgery.

Fracture Program

The Fracture Program serves children and teens who have fractures, growth-plate damage or other serious injuries. We're experts in the ways that injuries and injury treatment are different for young people than for adults.

Hand and Upper Extremity Program

Our team includes doctors who treat hand and arm defects and injuries in children and teens. We perform both microvascular and general hand and arm surgery.

Lower Limb Differences Clinic

The Lower Limb Differences Clinic provides care for children from before birth to age 21 who are missing part or all of a lower limb.


We have the knowledge and experience to provide expert orthopedic care, including the treatment of complex fractures. When surgery is needed, we use techniques that limit the risk of injury to growing bones.

Ortho Rehab Clinic

Orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation doctors and nurse practitioners work together in the Ortho Rehab Clinic to plan and provide individualized, comprehensive care for children with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular disorders.

Seattle Sports Concussion Program

We are the region's premier team for evaluating concussions and brain injuries and providing the right treatments to keep young athletes safe and healthy.

Skeletal Health Program

Experts in the Skeletal Health Program diagnose and treat dwarfism, other types of skeletal dysplasias and metabolic bone diseases, like rickets, osteoporosis and osteogenesis imperfecta.

Spine Program

Our team is known nationally for treating all kinds of spine problems in children and young adults. Our surgical spinal cord monitoring team leads the country in developing new techniques for making back surgery safer.

Sports Medicine Program

Our team of experts works together to get your child back to their usual activities. In addition to surgical and nonsurgical options, we offer injury prevention services, physical therapy, rehabilitation, imaging, complementary medical treatment and sports nutrition.

Sports Physical Therapy

We provide sports physical therapy for school-age children and teens at four locations, including our hospital campus in Seattle, our clinic in Federal Way, our new clinic in Mill Creek and the new 2,500-square-foot sports gym at our Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center.

Young athletes will be evaluated in action - playing ball sports, running or using a stationary bike or free weights - by experts who understand the special needs of growing bodies.

In helping your child recover from a sports injury, our physical therapists have two main goals: to safely return your child to sports and to prevent future injury.

Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR)

When children have severe chest deformities, even breathing can be hard. The titanium rib, a curved metal rod, can help make room in children’s chests for their lungs to grow.