We strive to find better ways to care for your child. Our doctors seek out treatments and surgical techniques that are leading edge, and have proven benefits.

We offer many clinical advances at Seattle Children's.

Clinical Advances

  • Limb-Sparing Surgery
    • Limb-sparing surgery removes a tumor and the bone and cartilage surrounding it, while saving the child's arm or leg.
  • Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR)
    • When children have severe chest deformities, even breathing can be hard. The titanium rib, a curved metal rod, can help make room in children's chests for their lungs to grow. 

Funded in part by the Lynn Taylor Staheli Endowed Chair in Pediatric Orthopedics, our growing research program is discovering better ways to diagnose and care for muscular and skeletal conditions in children. Learn about current research studies taking place in our Orthopedics Department.

Participate in Research

Help us answer questions about childhood health and illness, and help other children in the future. Learn more.