• OBCC: “There For Us No Matter What”

    “My grandkids’ doctors take the time to find out what’s going on in their lives, not just in their bodies,” says Marva Harris. “It truly takes a village to raise kids, and the care team at Odessa is very important to Jonah and Jeremiah.”

  • Families Dive In for Fun, Lifesaving Swim Lessons

    Learning to swim helps kids keep fit and stay safe in the water. But children of color are less likely than their peers to know how. OBCC is changing that.

  • Mindfulness Classes Help Families Avoid Explosions

    Parent mindfulness classes helped Shayla Collins so much, she now teaches other parents to  overcome anger through mindfulness. Having 2 children with special healthcare needs started her on this path.

Contact Us

To make an appointment, call 206-987-7210 and press 1. We are accepting new patients and will register you before setting up your first appointment.

For behavioral health services, ask your child’s primary care provider at OBCC to refer you. Please call 206-987-7260 to request an intake packet.