Odessa Brown Children's Clinic (OBCC)

Shadowing and Volunteering at Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic

Our OBCC 360-degree Pre-Health Shadowing & Volunteering Program is designed for underserved students interested in a holistic approach to community health among a diverse and under-resourced patient population.  In the spirit of interprofessional professionalism, our participants will spend their thirty-five hours with cohort members interacting with clinic leaders and staff members to learn about the culture and practices informing our approach to community health and trauma-informed care at OBCC. We provide pre-health advising, reflective assignments, and discussions that allow our health care team to provide a substantive letter of evaluation. 

Students can participate by completing the form linked below and turning in the documentation needed for our mandatory background check. 


Fall cohort 2022 (October 15-December 23): Application deadline September 30, 2022

Winter/Spring cohort 2023 (January 7-May 20): Application deadline December 9, 2022

Contact Us 

If you have questions or would like to learn more, contact us at obccshadowing@seattlechildrens.org or 206-308-2106.