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Patient Stories

Baby Blossoms Thanks to Gene Therapy

Smiling baby girlGene therapy is transforming the way neurologists like Dr. Fawn Leigh manage care for spinal muscular atrophy type 1. Read the full story.

A Neurosurgeon’s Gifted Hands Save an Artist’s Creative Mind

Nina and Dr. EllenbogenNeurosurgeon Dr. Richard G. Ellenbogen and his former patient Nina Jubran share two important skills: they both have great attention to detail and hands that are used to doing very delicate work. Read the full story.

A New Approach to Caring for Kids With Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

LukeDr. Jeff Avansino's experience as a father of a child with tuberous sclerosis complex led him to team up with pediatric neurologist and epileptologist Dr. Stephanie Randle to create the Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at Seattle Children's. Read the full story.

Big Data, Better Results

Mark WainwrightWe’re developing unique ways to protect kids from secondary health challenges associated with a stay in the ICU. Read more.

Boy Donates Part of His Brain to Science; Researchers Discover Major Cause of Epilepsy

Alden Bernate smilingAlden Bernate is only a middle school student, but he’s already played a big part in groundbreaking epilepsy research. He donated brain tissue for scientific research after he had surgery to disconnect part of his brain that was causing severe seizures. Learn what researchers discovered.

Disconnecting the Brain, Reconnecting With Life

Sage in a pumpkin patchNeurosurgeons use hemispherectomy to stop hundreds of seizures for Sage. Read the full story.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Records Seizures, Provides Families a Path Forward

Dr. WaldhausenOur epilepsy monitoring unit records seizures as they occur to pinpoint their source. Read the full story.

One Mom’s Journey Inspires Her to Build a Community for Kids and Families Affected by Pediatric Stroke

Addison smilingInspired by her daughter Addison, Kaysee Hyatt co-founded the Pediatric Stroke Warriors, to raise awareness of pediatric stroke and to provide support and hope for any family or child who receives a diagnosis of pediatric stroke. Read Kaysee and Addison’s inspiring story.

Priscilla Doesn’t Let Cerebral Palsy Slow Her Down

Priscilla smilingThroughout 7-year-old Priscilla Campos’ life, she’s been encouraged by her parents to try new things. Her mother, Shannon Cruz, says their family lives by a simple motto: The sky is the limit. Read how selective dorsal rhizotomy empowers Priscilla to reach further.

Researchers Identify Concussion Treatment for Persistent Cases in Children

Carmen riding a horseAbout 15% of young people who get concussions struggle with persistent symptoms despite seeing doctors and receiving medical care. Read how research at Seattle Children’s helped Carmen get back to doing what she loves.

The Reality of Pediatric Stroke

AddisonStroke is a potential risk for children and teens, not just adults. Read the full story.

Weighing the Options

Seattle Children's surgeons play a leading role in evaluating whether surgery is the best treatment option. Read the full story.