Seattle Children's hosts many support groups. Most are led by hospital staff, parent leaders or parent–staff partnerships. Some are sponsored and hosted by Seattle Children's but facilitated by community organizations.

Craniofacial Center Family Support 
Provides families with resources to help them learn about their child's condition and connect with other families.

Heart to Heart Congenital Heart Defect Support Group 
A parent-led group that welcomes families dealing with congenital heart defects, heart conditions from illness, heart transplant or the news that their unborn baby may have a heart problem. Also provides support to families grieving the loss of a child to a heart condition.

Hydrocephalus Support Group 
A parent-led group that provides support and education about living with hydrocephalus.

Parent Support Program 
Offers families of children with special health needs a way to connect with an experienced parent who has been through a similar situation with their own child.

Peer support and education for siblings of children with special health and developmental needs.

Other support groups (not hosted by Seattle Children’s)

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs 
Provides information about local groups providing support and resources for parents of twins, triplets or more.