Refer a Patient

How to Refer a Patient

Appointment availability

Updated September 2019

We are accepting new referrals.

Clinical Genetics is currently experiencing long wait times. To improve access for patients, we are:

  • Implementing new scheduling processes to improve efficiency and access.
  • Redesigning our internal triage process to identify those patients who need specialty services most urgently. Our team reviews referrals daily.
  • Making significant changes to our referral requirements. Please see Referral Requirements below.

If you are unsure whether to refer your patient, please call our Clinical Intake Nurses at 206-987-2080, option 1.  

Referral requirements

We ask that providers submit a referral that is complete. A complete referral helps us schedule an appointment for your patient in a timely manner and match them with the right specialist and clinic location. It ensures a productive and smooth first appointment for your patient. It also helps us assess the needs of our community and plan to have capacity to meet those needs. 

We may not schedule patients until a complete referral is received.

Please submit all relevant documentation and chart notes with your referral, including:

  • Referring provider’s name, phone and fax and the referral coordinator’s email address so that we may contact you if additional information is needed
  • Complete demographic information for the patient, found in the top portion of our New Appointment Request Form (NARF)
  • Patient’s clinical records related to the reason for your referral
  • Growth charts/curves that are pertinent to the referral
  • Pertinent laboratory testing reports
  • Pertinent radiology testing reports
  • Any previous genetic testing reports
  • Previous specialty evaluations for second opinions or transfers of specialty care

Please note:

  • We are seeing new patients through age 17 only. If your patient is 18 or older, we ask that you refer them to an adult genetics provider.
    • There are resources within our community, such as the University of Washington Division of Medical Genetics, whose wait times are shorter than ours. The phone number for Medical Genetics at UW is 206-598-4030.
  • We are deferring referrals for patients with Kaiser insurance.
    • Kaiser Permanente has excellent clinical genetics services, and patients are much more likely to have their genetic testing covered by their insurance by using those services. The phone number for Genetics at Kaiser is 206-326-2525.
  • We are requiring referrals from PCPs or other healthcare providers rather than allowing self-referrals.
  • We are routing patients with specific diagnoses to our other appropriate service lines prior to being seen in Genetics.
    • Certain patients will benefit from an evaluation in another service line (e.g., Ophthalmology) prior to being seen in Genetics. We will provide guidance via fax-back for these patients.
  • We are discontinuing seeing some diagnoses previously seen in Genetics.
    • The complete list of diagnoses will be available on this page soon; please check back. Guidelines will be provided via fax-back for caring for these patient populations.

Submit a referral

Please follow the standard referral procedures below:

Please note:

  • After we receive your referral, we will triage it and then call the family when we have an appointment available.
  • Patients are prioritized based on their current condition and acuity and the availability of a specialist to see them. 
  • We will notify you when an appointment is made.
  • Your patient will be seen by the provider who is the best match for managing the current problem.

We’re committed to partnering with referring providers

We will provide guidelines for a patient’s care via fax-back in the event they are returned to their PCP for a condition we no longer see. 

We are creating tools to support referring providers in caring for these patients. Learn more in Resources for Providers below.

We are always available to answer questions and support your care of your patients.

  • Diagnosis and treatment options: call 206-987-7777 (Provider-to-Provider Line).
  • Referring or transporting a patient to our Emergency Department or Urgent Care: call 206-987-8899 or, toll-free, 866-987-8899 (Emergency Department Communications Center).
  • Questions about scheduling and referrals, including locating or expediting a referral: call 206-987-2080 (Clinical Intake Nurses).

Learn more about managing your patients at Seattle Children’s.

What Your Patients Can Expect

  • Once we receive your referral, your patient will be in our queue to review and schedule. Many services have a long wait.
  • Families may call 206-987-2056, option 1, to ask to be added to a wait list.
  • We review openings and the patient referral queue daily.
  • As openings become available, we call families to schedule based on provider availability and the patient’s condition and acuity.
  • Even if we do not have openings right away, there are many resources through Seattle Children’s and in the community that can help.

Resources for Providers

Please check back soon for information to help providers care for patients whose conditions are no longer seen in Genetics.

To suggest resources from Seattle Children’s that would be useful to primary care providers, please email us.