Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Patient Stories

Life-Changing Treatment for Intestinal Disease

Brennan-70x70An experimental drug – and advocacy by his family and care team – enabled Brennan to be an active kid for the first time. Read his story.

Boy Overcomes Hepatitis C and Finds a Forever Home

Talon 70x70Talon got hepatitis C from his birth mother’s drug addiction. After enrolling into a clinical drug trial at Seattle Children’s, he's now free of both the virus and social stigma. Read his story.

Is It a Stomach Ache or Something More? Kyla’s Story

Celiac DiseaseA diagnosis of celiac disease – and a gluten-free lifestyle – vanquished Kyla’s stomach aches. Read how the Celiac Disease Program made a difference for Kyla.

Esmee’s Story

EsmeeA clinical trial was the only hope for Esmee, a little girl adopted from China with chronic hepatitis B (HBV). Read her story.

Elizabeth’s Story

ElizabethElizabeth McIntosh, 19, offers hope for patients with Crohn’s disease, one of the most common types of inflammatory bowel disease. Read her story.

Destiny’s Story

DestinyWhen Destiny was born, doctors detected that her small bowel was blocked. She has undergone about a dozen surgeries and in January 2011 received a small bowel transplant at Seattle Children's. Read her story.

Ethan’s Story: You Are Bigger Than Your Disease

Ethan Roberts was diagnosed with Crohn's disease just before school began. Fortunately, psychologist Dr. Carin Cunningham was on his team, ready to help him see that his life is bigger than his disease. Read his story.

Paige’s Story: Getting Back in the Game

A liquid diet put Paige's Crohn's disease into remission – without the use of steroids. Read her story.

SCD: An Alternative to Steroids and Medication

Avi ShapiroSeattle Children’s is one of the only centers in the nation to offer the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) to patients and families as a treatment option for Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Read how the SCD helps Avi feel better without steroids.