Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

Oral Surgery Program Coordinator

  • Nancy Henry

Oral and Maxiofacial Surgery Coordinator

  • Corey Salas

Oral Surgery RN

  • Shanna Salas, BSN

Speech Pathologist

  • Kaylee Paulsgrove, MS, CCC-SLP

Support Staff

  • Yuki Felsberg, Dental Clinic Manager
  • Rebecca Llarenas, Dental Clinic Supervisor
  • Teresa Connor, Dental Assistant
  • Sheree Brayton, Dental Assistant
  • Jonathan Burns, Dental Assistant
  • Hannah Harrill, Dental Assistant
  • Jamela Phillips, Dental Assistant
  • Rachelle Rutland, Dental Assistant
  • Isabel Badillo, Dental Surgery Coordinator
  • Melanie Basler, Ortho FSC
  • Lael Oldfin, Ortho FSC
  • Elise Hansen, Cranio/Dental Admin
  • Kristine Gardner, Care Coordinator


You took great care of my daughter. You were patient and caring - made her feel comfortable. Thanks again.

Parent in Federal Way, Washington