Patient Stories

Asher Pens a Letter of Gratitude to the Doctor Who Cared for Him and His Dad

Asher with bubblesMany of the same providers who treated Asher as a baby had also cared for his dad, Chris, when he was a child. Read Asher's story.

Beyond Face Value: Natalie Learns to Embrace Herself

Merlo smiles at campThrough work with her care team, Natalie has gained confidence and self-acceptance. She has a powerful message for others: “It’s OK to be different.” Read Natalie’s story.

Boy Gets Smile for His 12th Birthday

Dallas smiles with presentFor his entire life, this playful Dallas boy who loves video games and LEGO bricks could not move his face muscles to smile. That changed in time for Christian’s 12th birthday, with help from facial reanimation surgeons at Seattle Children’s. Read how Christian got his smile.

Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery for Danielle

Danielle LandisDanielle Landis’ story started before birth, when she was diagnosed with cleft lip and palate during a pregnancy ultrasound. Using entries from months of blog posts and family photos, Danielle’s mother narrates a compelling slideshow. Watch Danielle’s story.

Craniofacial Microsomia: A Boy Transformed After Surgery

MavrickBeing born with craniofacial microsomia gave Mavrick a jaw so small he had to use a feeding tube. This hockey player from Alaska considers each surgery at Seattle Children’s “one more step closer” to his goal of eating pizza. Read how surgery and distraction osteogenesis helped Mavrick grow a bigger jawWatch the video.

Doctors Create a Jaw for Little Girl Born Without One

Lexi smilesUsing a process called distraction osteogenesis, our craniofacial team created a jaw for Lexi. Now she can breathe without a breathing tube. “Things like taking a bath were life-threatening before the surgery. Now she’s taking swim lessons,” says her mom. Read Lexi’s story.

A Family Approach to Craniofacial Care

GenesisGenesis is a fun-loving girl who was born with cleft lip and palate – the most common condition we treat at Seattle Children’s. Grayson’s family had a different challenge at their son’s birth. Read how our Craniofacial team cared for these children and their whole family.

A Family Shares Journey With Sagittal Craniosynostosis

Family Shares Journey with Sagittal CraniosynostosisA family shares their journey through sagittal craniosynostosis treatment at Seattle Children’'s. They also have some tips for other families facing this challenge. Watch the video.

Living the Movie Wonder: How 13-Year-Old Nathaniel Found Freedom, Inspires Kindness

Learn how subcranial rotational distraction gave Nathaniel (“Auggie Pullman come to life,” in the words of author R.J. Palacio) an unobstructed airway for the first time in nearly 13 years. Read Nathaniel’s story.

Lyla Gets Back in the Game After Orbital Fracture

LylaAfter a pop fly smashed Lyla’s eye socket, Seattle Children’s surgeons made a quick repair. The surgery protected her sight and let her return to the softball field that season. Read Lyla’s story.

New Option for Treacher Collins Syndrome

Hannah and her momLearn how a revolutionary surgery helped Hannah breathe without a tracheostomy for the first time. Read Hannah’s story.

Predicting Learning Deficits in Kids with Craniosynostosis

OliviaLearning deficits have never been an issue for Olivia. But some kids with single-suture craniosynostosis do have problems. Olivia took part in research at Seattle Children’s that could help better predict which children are at higher risk. Read the full story.

A Smile to Match the Boy Inside

JhonathanA Yakima boy smiles for the first time, with help from facial reanimation surgeons at Seattle Children’s. Watch Jhonatan get his smile.