Research and Clinical Trials

Children’s Oncology Group Leadership

Seattle Children’s is a founding member of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), an international organization of childhood cancer specialists. Members work to develop new treatments and reduce long-term effects of cancer and treatments. Through their leadership in COG, our experts help set the worldwide agenda for pediatric cancer research.

Thanks to researchers working together through COG, the outlook for children with cancer has improved dramatically. Fifty years ago, children’s cancer was virtually incurable. Today, the combined 5-year survival rate for all cancers is 80%. (See Seattle Children's statistics and outcomes.)

There are more than 100 clinical trials open in COG at any given time. Young patients are able to take part in these studies at COG member hospitals, like Seattle Children’s. The trials study:

  • New ways to treat many types of childhood cancers
  • Which types of supportive care are most helpful for young people with cancer and their families
  • How to improve quality of life for children and young adults who have survived cancer

Seattle Children's has more open COG trials than 98% of pediatric academic medical centers. This means your care team has the widest possible range of trials to consider when recommending options for your child.

These Seattle Children’s doctors chair committees of the COG:

Ways to Help

Donations from people like you help researchers pursue ideas that could lead to lifesaving treatments for kids with cancer.

Email us to learn more. Or you can donate today and designate the area you’d like to support.