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Changing the Trajectory

Our intensive program gives young kids who are significantly affected by autism the skills they need to engage with life. At the same time, parents learn new ways to interact with their kids and get the services they need. Read how the program helped Kira, Aliya and Sam.

Sewing a Seamless Transition for Chester’s Autism Care

ChesterSwimming, cooking and other activities at the Alyssa Burnett Center are a lifeline for Chester and others with autism once they turn 21 and age out of school. Read Chester’s story

From Helplessness to Hope for Mom of Twins With Autism 

Twin kiddos“Life-changing” is how Kira and Aliya’s mom describes the therapy and support they’ve received at the Autism Center. In gratitude, she held a fundraiser and party for staff during Autism Awareness Month. Read their story.

Team Effort Helps Brendan Find His Voice

BrendanA multidisciplinary team diagnosed Brendan with autism and selective mutism. Their evaluation led to a treatment plan and, his mom says, “tremendous strides.” Read Brendan’s story.

Making Headway on Brain Disorders

Our Center for Integrative Brain Research works to understand root causes of autism and other conditions so we can customize treatment for each patient. Read their story.

Creating the Largest Bank of Autism Genes in U.S.

Autism genesMany of our patients are taking part in a nationwide study that aims to collect DNA samples from 50,000 families with autism. Shedding light on how genes affect autism will point the way to better treatments. Read about the study launch. Watch: Dr. Raphe Bernier on why the study matters so much (Video 2:13) How genetic testing gave a family answers they needed (Video 2:52)

Treating Kids With Autism in the Emergency Department

Autism in the EDWaiting is hard for all kids, but even more so for a child with autism. Asking parents “What’s going to make this visit more positive, safer and better for your child?” helps us know what works best. Read more.

Study Shows Kids With Autism Benefit From Parent-Led Language Intervention

Parent-led language interventionIn a 12-week group training, parents learned to improve their child’s language skills by reinforcing their use of words related to a specific task. Read more.

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Read our blog to keep up with the changing world of autism spectrum disorders, learn other families’ stories and engage with our Autism Center experts. Read our blog.

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