Meet Your Team


Registered nurses

  • Mackenzie Boland, RN

  • Stacy Gallagher, RN

  • RaNette Schaff, RN

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Biofeedback therapists

  • Ria Abelon, BCIAC

  • Seth Enos, ND, BCB

  • Margo Johnson, RN, PhD, BCN, BCB

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Registered dietitians

  • Amber Brust, RDN, CD

  • Tran Hang, MS, RD, CD, CDE

  • Rebecca Levens, MS, RDN, CD

  • Lauren Mozer, MPH, RDN, CD

  • Elena Ralph, MPH, RD, CD

  • Lauren Rice, MPH, RDN, CD

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Social worker

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I appreciated the time [the doctor] took to really listen and explain things, and the follow-up calls she made to our primary care physician and me.

Patient from Renton, Washington