We provide registration, consent and check-in for all surgery center, scheduled admissions and most clinic visits on the main campus.

Knowing that a hospitalization or clinic visit is stressful for any family, we try to make the admitting/check-in process as simple as possible.

When we know your child is coming to Seattle Children's for a scheduled surgery or a non-surgical hospital stay, we gather as much information as possible before you arrive. Whether your child's stay is scheduled or unplanned, once here an admitting facilitator will help you complete paperwork and answer your questions.

The admitting facilitator can also refer you to a social worker or patient financial specialist, if needed.

If you are not a parent with legal custody, bring legal papers giving custody or guardianship. These papers will allow you to admit your child to the hospital or consent to your child's surgery.

Helping Families Prepare for a Hospital Stay

Check-in is required for every visit, including radiology and laboratory services.

Families should bring their child's insurance cards/coupons to every visit.

The child's legal guardian must accompany and sign the consent for all admissions and surgeries and most clinic visits, or make arrangements for contacting the legal guardian by phone upon arrival to obtain three-way telephone consent.

Surgery Center or admitting personnel will call the family the night before surgery to confirm arrival time and NPO (nothing by mouth) instructions. Out-of-town families should provide a local phone number during scheduling.

For most unscheduled admissions, an admitting facilitator will meet with the family on the unit to complete the registration and provide general resource information.

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