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The Art of Surgery
Custom bandages shaped like hearts, trains and even fish provide a personalized touch for surgery patients at Seattle Children’s.
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Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment
We provide comprehensive prenatal care and support for your family when your pregnancy is complicated by fetal anomalies.
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Robot-Assisted Surgery
Robot-Assisted Surgery
Robotic arms allow surgeons to make very precise, complex motions that aren’t possible without the robot.
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Areas of Focus

  • Minimally Invasive and Robot-Assisted Surgery

    Minimally invasive surgery means less pain during recovery, a shorter hospital stay and a smaller scar. Because some of our pediatric surgeons are national leaders in the use of minimally invasive techniques, we have the most expertise in assessing whether this type of surgery is best for your child.

  • Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine (RPM)

    If your child has a problem affecting the pelvic area, our specialists can help. Our team approach means your child gets care each step of the way from experts in more than seven specialties.

  • Starting Out Strong

    Our pediatric surgeons work closely with the Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment Program if your baby has been diagnosed with a condition that requires surgery soon after birth.

  • Teamwork Across Specialties

    We have more than just pediatric surgeons on your child’s team. From anesthesiologists to dietitians, all of our clinicians are specially trained to care for kids of all ages and developmental stages.

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  • Pioneering Care for Pelvic Anomalies

    A new bowel management program helps the Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine Clinic improve long-term outcomes.

  • Bettering, and Beating, the Odds

    Her parents’ decision to seek care at Seattle Children’s gave Ariana the chance for a healthy life.

  • Pain, Pain Go Away

    Dr. Lynn Martin is working to make Seattle Children's a national center of excellence in regional anesthesia.

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  • Center for Clinical and Translational Research

    Clinical and translational research takes discoveries made in the laboratory and translates them into therapies that people can actually use in daily life.

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