Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners

Registered Nurses

  • Stephanie Bowdish, RN
  • Janine Cassidy, RN, CNS
  • Leslie Elder, RN
  • Destiny Fittis, RN
  • Sarah Foster, RN
  • Melinda Garberich, RN
  • Julie Radford, RN
  • Debra Thompson, RN, BSN

Pulmonary Diagnostics Lab

  • Rob DiBlasi, RRT, manager
  • Dave Crotwell, director, Respiratory Care
  • Jackie Edleman, RRT
  • Carol Franzen, RRT
  • Leslee Hill, RRT
  • Jennifer Surkatty, RRT
  • Eileen VanBronkhorst, RRT
  • Debra VanDiver, RRT, NPS

Registered Dietitians

  • Susan Casey, RDN
  • Kelsie Hunter, RDN

Social Workers

  • Al Lew, LICMSW
  • Wendy Phipps, MSW

Pulmonary Clinic [staff] are more than a medical team. They have cared about every aspect of our child's life; this has included mental, social and even legal concerns for our family. They are saints.

Parent from Randle, Washington