The best way to make any trip to the Neurology clinic - for a test, a procedure or an office visit - is to come prepared. In this section, you'll find out what to expect at the Neurology clinic and get the answers to some common questions.


If your child is having an EEG, here are some important resources.

Preparing for and understanding the test

Preparing your child


Seattle Children's EEG team shows patients and families what to expect when getting an EEG.

First Seizure Clinic

If your child has an appointment for seizures, please complete this description form (PDF) and send it in before your appointment.


If your child has an appointment for headaches, please start keeping a record of the headaches right away and bring it to your appointment. Having a record of the headaches will help determine the best way to manage them.

You can keep a record of the headaches using the headache log (PDF) or blank calendar pages below. If you use a blank calendar page, include time of day, description of headache (including pain level), activity before the headache and any medicine taken with outcome.

Blank calendar pages (all files are PDFs)