Our Adolescent Behavioral Health team provides expert consultation, diagnosis and treatment for psychosocial and school problems that either start during the teen years or were already present and are affected by the stresses of growing up. Working closely with experts in Children’s clinics, including Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, we provide evaluation and coordinated care for your child.

Conditions We Treat

Our Adolescent Behavioral Health team cares for young people with conditions that include:

  • When a depressed or anxious mood lasts for weeks and affects your child’s daily life, treatment may help. There are several types of depression, including major depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder and adjustment disorder with depressed mood. Anxiety is feeling fearful, threatened or panicky with no clear cause. Depression is a serious medical condition.

  • Anxiety is feeling fearful, threatened or panicky with no clear cause.

  • ADHD refers to a set of behavioral disorders. Symptoms vary from child to child; but in general, children with ADHD may be hyper, act without thinking and have trouble keeping their minds on one subject or task. Children with ADHD may understand how they are expected to act, but they may have trouble controlling their behavior or paying attention.

  • Our Gender Clinic cares for children, teens and young adults:

    • Whose gender identity does not match their birth sex
    • Who do not identify with traditional definitions of male or female

    We provide transition-related treatments and counseling for people up to 21 years. We make referrals to surgeons for patients who are ready to take that step.

  • Failure in school can be caused by many different factors, from the presence of learning disorders to substance abuse. While it's not unusual for teens to have problems in school from time to time, failing over a longer period may be a sign that your child needs help.

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