Smiling KidsSince its launch in 2009, the Science Adventure Lab, Seattle Children's mobile science lab, has provided innovative, authentic hands-on science experiences to more than 40,000 students at 150 schools across Washington state.

Engaging Families to Enhance Science Learning and Interest in STEM Careers includes a novel inquiry-based curriculum for students and structured activities for families in the community and at Seattle Children's Research Institute. Schools participating in the project receive the following:

Activities for Students

  • Students in fourth grade complete two novel, inquiry-based curriculum modules on board the mobile laboratory.
  • Curriculum modules address the cardiovascular system and neuroscience.
    • Vital Signs! Monitoring Our Body's Systems (PDF): Students learn about how measuring vital signs reveals whether the body is functioning normally. Using the same equipment as scientists and physicians, students measure their heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and temperature.
    • Sense, Think, Move: Exploring Brain Functions (PDF): Students engage in an inquiry-based investigation that promotes understanding of the key role of the brain as the control center in the human body and exposes students to equipment and methodologies used in the field of neuroscience.

Activities for Families

  • Family Science Night at the school. Families complete an activity on the Science Adventure Lab together with their child and receive resources about STEM career pathways.
  • Family Science Day at Seattle Children's Research Institute includes follow-up, hands-on activities that build on the skills and knowledge developed during Family Science Night, a tour of the facility and the opportunity to interact with scientists and other STEM professionals.

Project Results

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Made Possible By

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The Engaging Families to Enhance Science Learning and Interest in STEM Careers project is made possible by Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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