This statewide water safety event is for families, children and all those that want to be safe and prepared when at beaches, outdoor water facilities and on open water. This webpage contains information and materials to assist facilities in preparing and promoting their own Summer Splash-Tacular event.

Each individual facility designs their own program that best fits their needs, but usually includes water safety demonstrations, water safety skills practice, life jacket education, and a recreational swim.

General Information


  • Hosting Summer Splash-Tacular can be a rewarding experience for both your facility and your community.
  • One hour of water safety instruction and elementary rescues.
  • One hour free swim. (The water safety and free swims have also been conducted concurrently as a two-hour program.)
  • Raffle for free swim lessons donated by pool, and any other door prizes your pool can promote.


Your outdoor beach or water facility!

First Time Hosting Summer Splash-Tacular?

Hosting April Pools Day can be a rewarding experience for both your facility and your community.

  • Please take the time to complete the Summer Splash-Tacular RSVP Form. Facilities that respond will receive event materials and support.
  • If you have any questions or would like additional information we would be glad to help. Just send the April Pools Day/Summer Splash-Tacular committee an email.

Tips and Suggestions


  • Distribute flyers through local camps and daycares.
  • Distribute flyers on the last day of your current lesson session.
  • Distribute flyers on your registration day for spring lessons.
  • Promote during your Family and Public Swims.
  • Ask the community centers in your neighborhood and division to promote and distribute flyers.
  • Have local sponsors contribute door prizes or refreshments.
  • Write an article for your local newspaper.

Format and organization

  • Have participants do as much "hands on" as possible.
  • Use skits and videos as well as demonstrations.
  • For the first hour, set up 3 to 4 stations where you are teaching water safety skills, demonstrating elementary forms of rescue, checking life jackets, testing participants' flotation gear, etc. Create a form to stamp showing participation at each station (sample form enclosed). Give a prize or free swim to those who visit all the stations.
  • Have a water safety "carnival."
  • Use canoes and boats.
  • Set up a table for flyers, safety information, brochures - have someone man this table.
  • Prepare a box in which people can enter their names for the drawing for a FREE set of swimming lessons.
  • Promote your swim lesson program, along with all of your other programs!


Popular Stations

  • Share your most popular water safety activities with other Summer Splash-Tacular partners. Submit activities to acollins@ci.lynnwood.wa.us.