Swimming and Water Recreation Resources in King County

Swimming is a fun and great way to get exercise. Knowing how to swim is a skill that can help keep you safe. There are many places for children, teens, families and adults to enjoy swimming in King County. These handouts can help you find a pool, boating program or beach in your community.

Life Jacket and Swimming Videos

Stay on Top of It: Fact Sheets

These fact sheets are provided to help you make smart choices so you and your family can safely enjoy the water.

Water Safety for Children Birth to 5 years - English | Spanish | Cantonese | Vietnamese (PDF)
Discusses drowning prevention at home, in the yard, and in and near the water.

Tips for Children Ages 6-11 Years - English | Spanish | Cantonese | Vietnamese (PDF)
Discusses drowning prevention at home, in the yard, in and near the water, and on a boat.

Water Safety for Teens 12 to 18 Years - English | Spanish (PDF)
Discusses alcohol and drugs, swimming and diving, babysitting, and boating.

Life Jackets for Children and Teens - English | Spanish (PDF)
Learn when you and your child should wear life jackets, why they are important and how to buy life jackets that fit correctly.

Myths and Facts about Water Safety (in English and Spanish)
Covers six myths about water safety and gives the facts. Emphasizes that drowning prevention has three parts: precautions, supervision and consistent use of personal flotation devices.

Water Safety Tips For Families - English | Amharic | Cantonese | Spanish | Vietnamese | Somali (PDF)

Water Safety for Children with Seizures - English | Spanish | Vietnamese (PDF)
Drowning prevention tips for children with seizures and epilepsy at home and around the water.

Swimming in Seattle: English (black and white, color) | English and Spanish (black and white, color) | English and Vietnamese (PDF)

Borrow a Life Jacket in Washington State (PDF)
Information on where to find life jacket loaner programs in Washington state.

Open Water Guidelines - English | Spanish (PDF)
Open Water Guidelines and Rationale (PDF)
Drowning in open water, such as lakes, rivers and the ocean, is a major concern around the world. An 18-member international task force from 12 countries has developed a set of guidelines for families and individuals recreating at any open-water site.