Seattle Children's Improvement and Innovation logoSeattle Children’s Hospital was one of the first medical centers in the country to apply the methods and scientific rigor of the Toyota Production System to healthcare. Seattle Children's adopted the Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) approach as the basis of our organization-wide philosophy and improvement method. Building on the success of its long-running CPI program, Seattle Children’s has moved to the next phase – Seattle Children’s Improvement and Innovation (SCII).

Seattle Children’s Improvement and Innovation is a guiding philosophy that informs how we approach our work and leadership. It is a commitment to make Seattle Children’s better – step by step and day by day – by using continuous improvement and empowering those who do the work to improve and innovate. It challenges us to find new and better ways to do the work that is so vital to those we ultimately serve – our patients and families.

The goal of Seattle Children’s Improvement and Innovation is to break down silos and remove obstacles and inefficiencies that prevent us from providing the highest level of service to those we serve. It empowers our team members to escalate issues and make improvements to their day-to-day work, ultimately allowing us to make advancements in quality, safety, delivery, cost and engagement.