Office for Teaching, Education and Research

Research and Training Opportunities

Current Available Research Opportunities

Opportunities in labs and research groups at the research institute come up on a rolling basis throughout the year. Please search this database for opportunities that are currently available, but new opportunities are always emerging.

We encourage you to apply for any of the opportunities in our database, but we also encourage you to apply in general so that we can add you to our quarterly pool of candidates. We do our best to match applications with new opportunities as they arise as much as possible, but we do make applications available to Principal Investigators on a continual basis.

If you choose to apply for one of our currently available opportunities, please name the study on your application, so we can direct your application to the sponsor or Principal Investigator for the opportunity.

If these opportunities do not match your interests or experience, please still submit an application. If an opportunity matching your research interests and qualifications arises, we will contact you.

Careers and Postdoctoral Fellowships

Our people are some of the greatest resources we have in our mission to provide hope, care and cures. Postdoctoral fellows are found throughout Seattle Children’s Research Institute, and the research institute is a great place to continue your postdoctoral training and research.

Seattle Children's offers a unique training program, called the Postdoc Milestone Program, which is tailored to each indidividual, so you can make the most of your time as a postdoctoral fellow. Additionally, the research institute is a sustaining member of the National Postdoctoral Association, with our postdocs receiving the benefits of affiliate membership.

To search for current postdoctoral fellowship openings, please visit our careers page.

Graduate Student Opportunities

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Seattle Children’s Research Institute is home to many faculty members from multiple departments at the University of Washington. Graduate students in affiliated programs may wish to conduct graduate research at the research institute. Please contact individual departments for more specific details. For more information on our research centers and programs, and their faculty, please visit the research institute home page. If you are a graduate student arranging a rotation with a specific principal investigator at the research institute, please submit an application.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Our labs have opportunities for college research interns throughout the year. Depending on experience, roles may include administrative support for studies, data analysis, shadowing study visits, eligibility screening, running cultures and more. To be considered, please submit an application, and be sure to include your areas of interest within the research institute.

High School Opportunities

OTER high school interns

Hosted by the Science Education Department

Seattle Children’s Science Education Department sponsors several different high school opportunities at the research institute in downtown Seattle. For more information and to apply, visit the Science Education Department page.

Other high school research opportunities

Many of our research labs have opportunities for high school interns and students throughout the year, with some open to students under 18. Roles may include administrative support for studies, assisting with communication to families, creating outreach materials or contributing in the lab. These roles give students a strong understanding of the many critical parts that go into a research study – and the many career opportunities that exist within research. To be considered, please submit the application on our application page, including your areas of interest within the research institute. Please note, the minimum age to participate is 16 years of age.