Office for Teaching, Education and Research

Postdoctoral Training

In 2019, the Office for Teaching, Education and Research launched its new Postdoc Milestone Program. Built around the National Postdoc Association's six Core Competencies for Postdoctoral Fellows, the Postdoc Milestone Program is an optional curriculum designed to guide trainees toward independent research and success. Learn more about the National Postdoc Association's Core Comptencies:

  1. Discipline-specific conceptual knowledge
  2. Research skill development
  3. Communication skills
  4. Professionalism
  5. Leadership and management skills
  6. Responsible conduct of research (RCR)

Below are some frequently asked questions about Seattle Children's Postdoc Milestone Program.

  • How can postdocs and mentors use the program?

    • Postdoctoral fellows should meet with their mentors or PIs and assess gaps and opportunities in their current skills and knowledge base. 
    • Postdocs should use their Individual Development Plan (IDP) to plot out what training opportunities from the curriculum would assist them in their overall career goals. 
    • Postdocs should check in with their mentors at least once a year to assess where they are in their training program and what training opportunities they have completed from the curriculum, and create measurable goals for the coming year. 
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  • What resources are available?

    As training opportunities are continuously identified, OTER has determined the best way to keep our curriculum up to date is to have a live curriculum available through SmartSheet. Postdocs can identify what trainings or sessions would be most helpful for them in their training, and add these trainings automatically to their Outlook calendar via the SmartSheet.

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  • Who can I contact for more information?

    If you're a prospective postdoctoral fellow, and you're interested in learning more about our training program, please email us

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