Congratulations, Graduate

RN and toddler

We welcome new nursing graduates – and we'll support you as you transition from student to nurse. Generally, Seattle Children's hires new graduate RNs throughout the year, in a variety of clinical areas. The number of new graduate opportunities varies greatly; sometimes no positions are available. New RN jobs are currently posted on Wednesdays (search current openings).

New graduate qualifications

We strongly prefer to hire new graduate RNs with:

  • A BSN from a school with a pediatric inpatient acute care, hospital-based clinical rotation where the student plans and provides direct patient care
  • Work experience in a pediatric acute care setting and/or a senior student experience in a pediatric acute care setting

New graduates must obtain a Washington state RN license and current BLS for healthcare providers before they begin employment. There will be no exceptions.


As a newly graduated nurse at Children's, you'll receive orientation and ongoing support to help you succeed.

  • New graduate orientation usually lasts 8 to 12 weeks or longer depending on the clinical area.
  • Unit-based clinical nurse specialists and nurse educators will review the unit skills list with you and design an orientation plan specifically for you.
  • Pediatric ICU orientation includes instruction coordinated with clinical practice over several months.
  • An RN preceptor will work with you throughout orientation.
  • Orientation generally begins on the day shift, but is completed on the shift of your new position (usually nights).


This program offers you the opportunity to be matched with a more experienced nurse who volunteers to provide support during your first year of nursing practice.

Other resources

Benefits include work/life balance and wellness programs.

Learn more about benefits for nurses.

How to apply

All positions open to new graduates will state "new graduate welcome to apply." Please make sure you apply online only to those positions for which you meet the minimum requirements. For more information, email Nursing Recruitment or call 800-874-6691 (toll-free).

Résumés and cover letters

Currently, Seattle Children’s receives as many as 200 résumés for each new graduate RN position posted on our website. But don’t let that discourage you – let it be your challenge. We hire new graduate nurses throughout the year. You will need to create a résumé that helps you stand out from the others.

Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of résumés, and thought it would be helpful to share some of our insights on the do's and don’ts of résumé writing. These are just a few suggestions. You may also choose to review our sample of a strong new graduate résumé (PDF).

One key concept is to use an easy-to-read uniform format with a basic font. Keep in mind that résumé formatting (bullet points or columns) may be lost or distorted if you choose to copy and paste your résumé into an application system versus uploading your résumé when you apply to a job. Make sure your email address and phone numbers are accurate so that the recruiter will be able to reach you. Ensure your voice mail is working correctly and that you’ve created a professional sounding message for the caller to hear.

Ideally, your résumé should be no longer than one or, at the maximum, two pages in length. Treat the first page of your résumé like prime real estate. Use bullet points or columns and descriptive yet succinct language to describe the unique skills and experience obtained during your clinical rotations. Don’t waste valuable space describing basic nursing skills that every new graduate RN should be able to perform upon graduation (taking vital signs, therapeutic communication, giving medications). We all know that you know how to do these things. Build bridges between the clinical experiences you’ve had in school and the type of position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a position in the Cancer Center, use examples of skills and experience you’ve obtained while working with oncology patients (care provided for a patient during chemotherapy or blood product infusions).

Include any volunteer work or community involvement you’ve had that relates to healthcare or pediatrics. Also, include a brief description of any previous employment you’ve had. Include skills learned from past employment that will cross over to your future position, such as customer service skills.

Lastly, Seattle Children’s has a two-part application process. Remember to complete the entire process, including the official Seattle Children’s application.

In addition to our sample new graduate RN résumé (PDF), here are some resources that will help you to create a cover letter.