Our early Christmas gift

By Wendy Sessoms

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Zach has seen his ups and downs this year. Fortunately mostly ups, but this has meant appointments, and more appointments, and even more appointments. Between specialists, procedures, tests, and therapy his medical bills climbed.

We consider our family the average American family with "good" insurance that covers most of the basic medical expenses, but one that does not include any of the extras. Our income is also barely above the limit for a family of 4 to qualify for any state assistance. The ironic thing being every department considers him to be disabled!

Children's Hospital is where the bulk of Zach's medical has been done since birth. Including his clubfoot treatments, castings, procedure, and the provider of his orthopedic shoes. He's also undergone MRIs, several panels of labs, and most recently surgery to repair a hernia and to obtain a muscle biopsy- again all done at Children's. So, in September when we fell more and more behind we finally applied for charity help.

Less than two weeks after sending in our application we were notified that not only had we qualified, but that all of his accounts had been cleared leaving us with NOTHING to pay. All because of donations from strangers! Our even bigger shock came about 10 days later when another piece of mail arrived from Children's. Right away we grew curious knowing it was not another appointment reminder. I pulled an actual check out of the envelope and as I read the included letter, tears filled my eyes. The letter informed us that Zach's accounts were now considered over-paid and they were refunding us the payments we had been making on his accounts. The emotion I felt reading that letter is unexplainable!

What does Children's mean to you, your child and your family?

We have been so overjoyed with the generosity of this hospital that I wanted to be sure to spread the word to everyone before the holidays!

I know we can all agree, that during this time of the year our hearts somehow grow even bigger for others. When this happens this year for you, our family would like to urge you to please be sure to keep Children's Hospital at the top of your list of charities to donate to. This is our own personal reason why this hospital should not go unforgotten when you make your donations!

Now-a-days with so many charities and organizations being under review as to where money actually goes, Children's yet again proves every penny counts! Zach is a real patient and we are a real family who has been touched by these donations.

Our biggest gift is our children! To protect as best we can their health and well being. To allow them every benefit possible to grow and to learn to the best of his/her abilities. As a parent faced with any type of extra burdens, you can't always help but to question, am I doing this well?..... We will forever be grateful to Children's for opening our eyes a little wider and helping us to answer that question....... needing help doesn't necessarily mean we aren't doing it well, it is in how we accept it that we will do even better! This early Christmas gift will not be forgotten and we will continue to remind others how much it has meant.