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Friends of Mia Membership News

The Friends of Mia Guild presents various fundraisers throughout the year and organizes a fundraising running group.

By the time the Friends of Mia Guild was formally organized, its members had already been working together for nearly four years - ever since 2-year-old Mia Deligeannis was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2009. Friends and relatives came together to raise money to offset medical and living expenses for Mia and her family, and a year later they had raised nearly $30,000, hosted a benefit concert featuring local band Built to Spill and started preparations to expand their fundraising to support other families with children facing cancer. The group continued to work together, hosting events in Mia's honor, including shopping nights and bicycle rides.

Mia's cancer returned, and although she had received a bone marrow transplant from her twin brother, Noah, in 2011, Mia passed away the next year.

"Mia's faith, strength and unconditional love during her most difficult times inspires us to continue fighting cancer," says Casey Deligeannis, Mia's father and founding guild member. "We want to help spread awareness and support the amazing people conducting childhood cancer research locally."

Since its establishment in January 2013, the Friends of Mia Guild has hosted an auction and a soccer tournament and formed Power Team, a fundraising running group, raising nearly $62,000 for cancer research.

Ways to Support Research at Seattle Children's

Your guild can join Seattle Children's in its search for new treatments and cures. Consider these ways to get involved.

Saturday Night Science 2 Membership News

Attend Saturday Night Science

Gather a group of guild members and friends to eat, drink and experiment at Saturday Night Science, Seattle Children's Research Institute's signature event. This year's event will be held Nov. 2 at MOHAI in Seattle and will include an engaging program, interactive experiments and asilent auction. Tickets are $50 per person. Email or call 206-987-7491 for more information or to purchase a ticket, or register online.

Research Champions Membership News

Host an Auction Item at Saturday Night Science

Your guild can sign up to host an auction item at Saturday Night Science. You procure the item for the "super silent" auction and proceeds from the winning bid for the item become your guild's revenue, benefiting research. Contact the Guild Association at 206-987-2153 or by email to learn more.

Research Champions Night Membership News

Nearly 50 representatives from Research Champions guilds toured the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research this winter and heard from Drs. Mike Jensen and Courtney Crane, as well as from Jim Hendricks, president of the Seattle Children's Research Institute.

Join Research Champions

Guilds supporting research with $2,500 or more become members of Research Champions, a Seattle Children's donor recognition program.

If your guild raises funds for uncompensated care or another area of hospital need and would like to join Research Champions, you can designate $2,500 of guild fundraising proceeds for research. To become a 2013 Research Champions guild, designate proceeds by Dec. 30, 2013. Last year, 44 guilds were members! Thank you for your dedication to curing childhood illness.

Contact the Guild Association at 206-987-2153 or by email to learn more.

2013 Research Champions guilds

Many thanks to the guilds named below, which have already joined Research Champions in 2013 (as of Aug. 15).

Operation Family Care Is Extended

Operation Family Care, this year's Guild Association-wide "heartwarming" drive to collect gift cards and groceries for families in need, has been extended through fiscal year 2014! Thanks to your efforts, we exceeded our 2013 goals by raising an incredible $21,876 in cash and gift cards and donating 423 bags of groceries. With your help, we hope to match that next year and continue to make a tremendous difference for families when they most need support.

To sign up to provide a month of groceries in fiscal year 2014, email or call 206-987-6806. Send gift cards or checks to:

Operation Family Care
Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association
M/S S-200
PO Box 5371
Seattle, WA 98145-5005

A Two-Year Funding Focus Is Complete

In 2011, the Guild Association began a two-year, two-part Funding Focus initiative to support cancer immunotherapy research and autism services. The end of fiscal year 2013 completes the effort, and impacts in both areas can already be seen:

  • With $1 million from the Funding Focus, Seattle Children's Autism Center was able to hire additional staff and expand its facility. In 2012, the center had more than 18,000 patient visits, making it one of the country's largest autism centers and bringing the center a significant step closer to closing the gap in availability of care for members of our community with autism.
  • In September 2012, Children's received authorization to conduct a cellular immunotherapy Phase I cancer trial, testing a therapy that reprograms a patient's own immune system to fight cancer. In July 2013, the first patient was enrolled, and after a few weeks of treatment, no leukemia cells were detected! The Funding Focus program provided $1.5 million in uncompensated care to cover the cost of participation in these clinical trials and an additional $500,000 for acquisition of needed items such as supplies and equipment.

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