Carol McKinlay and Judy McGinnis

Carol McKinlay (left) and Judy McGinnis are examples of what makes Children's retail thrift stores a success: they volunteer at, donate to and shop at the Kent Thrift Store.

In fiscal 2011, Seattle Children's six thrift stores contributed $501,900 to uncompensated care - nearly 18% more than last year. "All of us are proud to have increased our donation to uncompensated care," says Eva Campbell, general manager for Children's retail thrift stores. "Guild members should be proud as well, because the items and time they donate help make our stores a success."

Many thanks to guild members who collectively donated nearly $370,500 worth of goods last year. The below list shows the top 10 guilds for fiscal 2011 retail donations, and the value of their donations.

Top Guilds for Retail Donations

  1. Kent Guild: $16,733
  2. Jean Stewart Jordan Guild: $16,258
  3. Pat Harris Trilogy Guild: $15,551
  4. Friendly Village Guild: $14,288
  5. Des Moines Auxiliary: $13,870
  6. Mona Westover Guild: $11,233
  7. Milnora de B. Roberts Guild: $11,034
  8. Katherine Glen Kerry Guild: $10,534
  9. Friends of Costco Guild: $10,208
  10. Dr. Jack M. Docter Guild: $9,447

Shop to Help Kids

Print this page and bring it to any one of Seattle Children's six thrift stores and receive $10 off your purchase of $20 or more. Proceeds from purchases benefit uncompensated care.

Sale items are not eligible for discount. Promotion expires July 31, 2012.