Guidelines for a Guild's Treasurer

Simplify your guild's finance tracking by using these treasurer's guidelines.

Guild Association Resource Guide (PDF)
This manual describes the role of the treasurer and talks about compliance rules and regulations. The Guild Association recommends that all treasurers read this manual and attend a treasurer's workshop.

Treasurer's Report (PDF)
Complete a Treasurer's Report every time you send in revenue to the Guild Association. Complete only the sections that apply to your guild.

Revenue Reporting Spreadsheet (XLS)
We recommend using spreadsheets to track and report sponsor information, donor information and auction purchases. If your guild receives sponsorship donations or donations from individuals, or if it holds an auction, use this spreadsheet to complete sections 3, 4 and 6 of the Treasurer's Report.

Submit the completed spreadsheets to or directly to a Guild Association staff member.

Sample Revenue Recording Spreadsheet (XLS)
Record and classify each deposit made into your guild's bank account. Modify this sample spreadsheet to reflect your guild's activities.

Sample Expense Recording Spreadsheet (XLS)
Record and classify each expense paid with guild funds. This sample spreadsheet with common guild expense categories can be modified to reflect your guild's activities.

Financial Agreement and Access Policy (PDF)
Read the Guild Association's policy about your guild's finances and access to any and all guild banking and financial records.

Guild Audit Form (PDF)
To ensure the Guild Association is in compliance with IRS requirements, all guilds raising funds for Children's Hospital need to complete an audit every year. Use this form when submitting your audit. "What is a Guild Audit?" explains the internal audit process.

Raffle Guidelines
Read these guidelines and share them with your guild members before conducting a raffle.

W-9 Form (PDF)
The IRS requires taxpayer information for any individual service provider paid at least $600.00 during a calendar year. Also, if your guild holds a raffle and a winner receives a prize with a value of at least $600.00, taxpayer information is needed for that winner. Use this form to submit that information.

Contact the Guild Association accountant if you need help or have questions.