Would you like to get media attention for your event or project? Need help on how to interact with representatives from the media? The resources on this page give you an idea on what to expect and how to promote your guild and events.

A story about your guild, your event or an honoree in the media can provide your guild free publicity.

Remember, however, that getting coverage is solely up to the discretion of the editors of newspapers, radio or TV programs. Your guild is competing with thousands of others for a limited amount of media coverage.

We encourage you to work with the guild association when advertising a fundraising event or project. We will help you identify publicity opportunities and will guide you on how to follow hospital publicity guidelines.

Individual guilds should not attempt to do their own publicity for all-guild events without consulting the guild association first.

Read these guidelines. Then contact the guild association to start planning publicity at least six weeks before your event or project.

Media Relations Quick Tips

  • Be realistic. Most fundraising events are not newsworthy in the eyes of reporters and editors. Typically, the most you can expect is a notice in the calendar section.
  • Familiarize yourself with media outlets in your area. Determine which sections would be best to feature your event.
  • Put your eggs in more than one basket. Consider neighborhood, city and county newspapers.
  • Learn the names of the reporters who cover different sections of the newspaper.
  • Highlight a special angle of your event. For example, mention a well-known person who will attend the event or entertain the audience or tie your event to a patient story or the work accomplished by a renowned physician. Your story alone may not "sell" the event.
  • Sell your story in 10 seconds or less. If you leave a voice mail message or send an email to a reporter, get to the point fast. State your name, guild name and that you are a member of Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association.
  • Regardless of newspaper coverage, have fun with your event!

Contact the Media

All publicity (releases, advisories, letters to the editor and so on) intended for newspapers, radio stations or TV programs must be reviewed by guild association staff.

After guild association approval, guilds may contact the media about their event or meeting.

If you are using the name or photo of a child patient for event publicity, you must receive written authorization from the parents before you send the information to the media. Download a consent form and have parents sign it.

If your event is on hospital grounds, Children's Media Relations staff must accompany all media (print or broadcast) in attendance.

If the event is not held at Children's, the guild is responsible for escorting film crews, print reporters and/or photographers.

For Photo Opportunities

Media advisories that highlight photo opportunities for print and broadcast media must go through the guild association office. If a photo of your event or guild appears in the newspaper, please mail or email a copy to the guild association.

Get News to the Media

When you find something newsworthy in your guild or event, you need to get it to the media. These are some tools commonly used to do this.

Calendar listing

Use it to invite the public to your event. Do not use it for closed or sold out events. Send it two months before the event to local magazines or 10 business days prior to the event to local newspapers.

Media advisory

Use it to invite media to your event or to announce a photo opportunity. Send it two to three days before the event and the day of to TV media.

Press release

Use it to communicate newsworthy information to the media. Send it as close to the development of the story as possible.

Op-ed, editorial, letter to the editor

Use it to provide a statement on a timely issue. When to send it depends on the issue. Contact the Foundation/Guild Marketing Communications Manager to determine appropriate messaging and to get approval for your proposed letter, op-ed or editorial.

Public service announcement (PSA)

Use it to reach a large audience with information that is not time sensitive. The time it takes a PSA to air varies from two weeks to two months after it has been submitted.

For a media directory, contact your Guild Association project manager.

Guidelines for Video and Photos

If you plan to make a video or invite media to film on hospital grounds or do an interview with staff or patients, notify Children's Media Relations staff two weeks prior to the film date.

Any time you plan to shoot video or photography, you must gather signed consent forms from the patients and/or Children's staff involved. If the person being photographed or filmed is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must complete and sign a consent form. Send copies of the consent forms to Media Relations when completed.

Other Media Resources

Media outreach timeline

When should I send a media release, advisory or calendar listing? This timeline (DOC) helps you decide.

Interview tips

Participating in a media interview? Get tips from the experts for print (PDF), radio (PDF) and television (PDF) interviews.

Media sponsorship

Learn about resources and guidelines (PDF) and tips on how to secure a media sponsorship (PDF).