Ways We Can Help

1. Event and project ideas
Whether your guild is recently formed and thinking about its first event, or has been hosting a luncheon for 10 years and wants to do something different, you can contact the Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association for ideas.

We will help you brainstorm options that complement the skills, interests and resources of your guild members.

We can also put you in touch with other guilds that have held events similar to what you are interested in.

Start your planning by reviewing these project ideas (PDF).

2. Promotional materials
The Guild Association must review drafts of your promotional materials, such as save-the-date cards, invitations, flyers and media releases.

We can provide you with the correct Seattle Children's logo to use in your materials, as well as patient photos and hospital facts.

3. Event supplies
The Guild Association has a variety of supplies you can borrow for your event, including banners, table runners, aprons, collection jars, cash boxes, credit card machines, charge slips and balloons.

Fill out a supply request form to reserve the supplies you need.

4. Event speakers
If you would like a speaker from the hospital at your event, the Guild Association can try to secure a physician, staff member or member (s) of a patient's family.

We will recommend best practices for highlighting the speaker and for working with a family.

If you have an existing relationship with a physician or patient's family who may speak at your event, tell us so we can help you make sure proper consents are in place.

5. Event promotion
Tell the Guild Association about your upcoming event so we can list it on our online calendar of events and in Connection magazine, Guild News and Guild Notes if space allows.

Fill out the Guild Event Form (DOC).

Ask us for a mailing list of other guilds in your area so you can invite them to your event or let them know about an upcoming project.

After your event, the Guild Association would like to acknowledge your hard work and celebrate your success in the "Round of Applause" section of Guild News.

Send a post-event press release to inform the public of your event results.

6. Templates and resources
The Guild Association has a variety of templates and printed resources that can help you with your event or project, including:

The Guild Association Resource Guide (PDF) is a comprehensive manual that provides information about your guild's officers and responsibilities, fundraising, compliance, auctions, publicity, policies and more.

Review the list of resources available online.

Contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.

7. Workshops
We offer informational workshops on topics such as sponsorship and how to grow your event, compliance and the role of the treasurer, auction reconciliation and media support.

Contact us if you are interested in attending a workshop.

8. Treasurer support
Your role as guild's treasurer is vital and can seem overwhelming.

We can help you complete each step of the Treasurer's Report (PDF). We have created easy-to-use spreadsheets available online.

Contact us with any questions or to set up a meeting with us to go over more complex issues.

9. Compliance support
The Guild Association Resource Guide (PDF) is an excellent tool for all guild members with compliance-related questions.

The Guild Association accountant and compliance manager work to ensure that guilds are compliant with fundraising rules and regulations and to avoid penalties, which jeopardize our nonprofit status.

Contact us with any questions you may have.

10. Developing goals and increasing revenue
Using past events as your baseline, what do you want to improve upon? Do you want to increase your audience, attract more sponsors or improve your silent auction?

The Guild Association will work with you to brainstorm achievable goals and how to reach them.