Tips for Successful Events

1. Choose a project that complements the dynamics of your guild
Is there a common interest or event idea that is exciting to your guild?

2. Build upon strengths of your guild members
Is the project something that all members can support and participate in?

3. Research your project idea
Has this project been done by another guild or nonprofit? Was it successful? What are the costs associated with the project? Which audience will participate?

4. Plan, plan, plan
Create a timeline. Establish a realistic goal. Develop a budget. Establish committees and appoint chairs for each of them.

5. Reserve the facility eight to 12 months in advance

6. Develop your audience and mailing list early!
Send save-the-date postcards six months before the event and invitations six weeks prior to the event.

7. Think about sponsorships and procurement
Identify sponsorship levels and the benefits associated with each.

Create a sponsor mailing list.

Put together your sponsorship package and include a cover letter.

Has the Guild Association reviewed your sponsorship mailing list and solicitation materials?

Send sponsorship requests eight to 12 months and procurement requests six months before the event.

8. Develop your marketing plan
Will you need flyers, invitations or brochures? Consider printing costs.

Has the Guild Association reviewed your promotional materials before you print?

Has the Guild Association reviewed media materials? Review the guidelines about when to get news about your event to the media.

9. Give it a "Seattle Children's look"
Does the event have a "Seattle Children's look and feel" to it? Does it fit to have a patient's family or a speaker from the hospital at the event?

10. Ultimate financial details
Has the treasurer reviewed the Guild Association Resource Guide (PDF)? Does the treasurer understand the financial reporting procedures?

Does the treasurer have a Treasurer's Report (PDF), a spreadsheet for recording revenue (XLS) and expenses (XLS) and a revenue reporting spreadsheet (XLS)?

Do you need supplies for the event such cash boxes, calculators, credit card machines and slips?

If you are planning a raffle, has the treasurer reviewed the raffle guidelines?