Tips for Events

The event is over, the ballroom is stripped, the guests have gone home… and you need a massage AND one of those vacations you just auctioned off!

But you're not quite done yet.

The work you do after the event is as important as the months of planning it. Hang in there! Following these tips will make your life - and next year's event - easier.

1. Act fast
Memories will fade. If possible, get started right away and wrap up all the details within three weeks after your event.

Send a post-event press release to tell the public about your event results.

2. Delegate
You wouldn't plan an entire event by yourself. The same goes for wrapping it up. It will go much faster if you delegate tasks before the event takes place so guild members are aware of their post-event responsibilities.

3. Prepare financial reports
People, including you, will want to know right away if your financial goals were met.

Whether you use event software that can produce post-event reports or you track numbers on a spreadsheet, evaluate the event outcomes as soon as possible.

4. Submit financial reporting and Treasurer's Report to the Guild Association
Organize donor and financial information using the Treasurer's Resources. Complete and return the information in a timely manner so Children's Hospital can account for the funds and appropriately track your donors' giving.

Contact us if you need help.

5. Complete the Guild Event Form
Share your success with the Guild Association by completing the Guild Event Form (DOC) so your results can be included in the "Round of Applause" section of Guild News.

6. Solicit feedback from guests
Consider sending a survey to ask guests what they thought of the event. Ask them about the venue, entertainment, food and beverage, speakers, value and variety of auction items and ease of registration and checkout.

It's a nice touch to call your top donors and special guests to ask directly for their feedback and to thank them!

7. Gather your core team
In addition to seeking guest feedback, you should meet with your guild and/or event committee to solicit their input. Set a tone conducive to productive discussion and candid feedback.

8. Make recommendations for next year
Evaluate the feedback from this year's event to make recommendations for next year's.

Record all suggestions for improvement and prioritize which ones to focus on when planning next year's event.

9. Say thanks
You can never thank too many people too many times!

10. Celebrate
After evaluating the event's success, take a moment to celebrate it! You, along with everyone who helped, deserve to relish in your hard work, give kudos and enjoy special treats!

Now you can rest…then start planning for next year!

Final tip: Start earlier than last year.