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Guilds Bridge Gaps in Research Funding

Fall 2016 Serex Sisters

Surgeries and other medical procedures have been, unfortunately, a regular part of life for Alexandra Serex. Diagnosed with mitochondrial disease when she was 18 months old, Alexandra has undergone anesthesia 10 times in her eight years. Children with mitochondrial disorders are dangerously sensitive to anesthetics, but thanks to protocols developed by Dr. Phil Morgan, pediatric anesthesiologist and mitochondrial disease researcher at Seattle Children’s Research Institute, these kids now suffer fewer side effects.

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We Are Seattle Children’s: Susannah White’s Three Feet of Sunshine Guild

We Are Seattle Children’s: Susannah White’s Three Feet of Sunshine Guild

This guild is the winner of the 2016 Seattle Children’s Guild Association Chairman’s Award for exemplary contributions to advancing the hospital’s mission. In 2009, Susannah’s parents – Amy White and her husband, Dr. Klane White, a Seattle Children’s orthopedic surgeon – formed the guild in their daughter’s memory to support Seattle Children’s Pediatric Advanced Care Team, which provides palliative care for critically ill and dying patients. Guild funds enable meaningful gifts tailored to each family – a Starbucks card for a sleep-deprived parent, a birthday party for a hospitalized patient, or a silver fingerprint necklace. The guild is unique in that many of its members are doctors, nurses and therapists who cared for Susannah at Seattle Children’s before she passed away in 2008.

“We’re truly honored to receive this award, especially knowing how many other guilds are out there doing great things,” says Amy White, guild president. “We’re a small but mighty guild – our impact is truly life-changing for the patients and families we are privileged to serve.”

Guild Association Annual Meeting

Guild Association Annual Meeting

At the 2016 Guild Association Annual Meeting and Luncheon Celebration, held in May, attendees heard incredible stories inspired by the theme “What’s your guild’s ‘wow’ moment?” After opening remarks from Seattle Children’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jeff Sperring, a trio of Seattle Children’s researchers – Drs. Bonnie Ramsey, Julie Park and Eileen Klein – shared their “wows” in the areas of cystic fibrosis, pediatric cancer and emergency medicine, respectively. Next up to the podium was Kat Tiscornia, a 16-year-old who defines the word “wow.” A survivor of a rare bone cancer, Ewing sarcoma, this eloquent young woman is a champion in cancer-research fundraising, having helped to raise $550,000 since 2013.

The Guild Association honored Susannah White’s Three Feet of Sunshine Guild with the Chairman’s Award, while the Anna Clise Award for individual achievement went to “83-year-old whirlwind of energy and dedication” Janece Norrington of the Des Moines Auxiliary for more than 20 years of exemplary service.

2017 Funding Hope Awards

2017 Funding Hope Awards

Each year, Seattle Children’s Guild Association directs a small portion of its annual fundraising monies to priority research and hospital needs – offering hope as new patient needs emerge. This year’s Funding Hope awards include $980,000 for the establishment of a precision laboratory medicine program and $250,000 to ensure that Seattle Children’s palliative care program, the Pediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT), is available to patients and families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Learn more about this year’s Funding Hope awards.

Operation Gift Card: You Can Help Patients’ Families in Need

Operation Gift Card: You Can Help Patients’ Families in Need

We invite you to join the Guild Association’s 2017 Heartwarming Initiative: Operation Gift Card. For a family in crisis, a gift card can save the day – or at least make it a lot easier. Simple things like groceries and gasoline enable families to better support a child’s treatment and recovery. Please purchase gift cards ranging from $15 to $25 each. Preferred cards include: Safeway, QFC, Fred Meyer, Target, Starbucks, iTunes, 76 gas stations and Shell gas stations.

Bring purchased cards to the Guild Association office for distribution to families. To donate cash for the purchase of needed items, please make checks payable to Seattle Children’s Guild Association with Operation Gift Card on the memo line. Thank you!

For more information, email Emily Downing, or call her at 206-987-6833.

Bargain Boutiques Update

Bargain Boutiques Update

For the sixth year running, Seattle Children’s Bargain Boutiques will hold special sales events this fall to support the lifesaving research conducted by Dr. Mike Jensen and his team at Seattle Children’s Research Institute’s Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. Together, the six Research Champion stores have raised an impressive $118,000.

Sarah Ladiges, manager of the Redmond Bargain Boutique, holds a Gifts for a Cure Sale in October and November each year. She and her staff collect donated handmade items such as baby blankets and hats, quilts and doll clothes from guild and community members; proceeds go to cancer research.

Ladiges says sometimes a donor will ask her to allocate proceeds of the sale of a special item to the cause. “For people who have had cancer affect their lives, knowing that the money is going to cancer research is very meaningful,” she says.

Above, Redmond store staff and volunteers prepare for the 2015 Gifts for a Cure Sale (from left): Chinh Vo, assistant manager; Sarah Ladiges, manager; Margaret Ward, volunteer; Holli Smith, staff member; and Joan Sedlacek, staff member.

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Leaving a Legacy: Couple Makes Lifelong Commitment to Seattle Children’s

Leaving a Legacy: Couple Makes Lifelong Commitment to Seattle Children’s

When he lost his young family in an automobile accident in 1968, John Detlor had no idea that the tragedy would inspire a lifetime of volunteering to improve children’s health. His first wife’s mother was a member of the Port Townsend Guild (now the Port Townsend Auxiliary), and he will never forget the donations to Children’s Hospital that were given in memory of his family.

Jeanette Duncan Detlor grew up in Seattle and has been involved with Seattle Children’s for as long as she can remember. Her mother was a member of the Frederick & Nelson Guild. As part of a Camp Fire Girls group, Jeanette regularly crafted favors for hospital patients’ meal trays as a community service. As a young adult, she volunteered at the hospital once a month with a group from University Presbyterian Church. They conducted a service in the chapel that was attended by some patients and broadcast throughout the hospital for those who could not attend.

It was in church that John Detlor and Jeanette first met. He was immediately drawn to her sparkling, compassionate personality, and she to his sense of humor. They have two children and three grandchildren, and recently they celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary.

John was hired as director of security for Costco after a long, distinguished career with the FBI. Jeanette, supported by John, has been an active member of the Friends of Costco Guild for 27 years. When Jeanette retired from teaching in 1994, she served as president of the guild for two years.

One of the highlights of the Detlors’ year is the Friends of Costco fundraising party and Children’s Golf Classic, held each summer. Since retiring from Costco, John has volunteered at the golf tournament. This year the event raised an incredible $8.3 million for uncompensated care.

“The people we meet are amazing – whether guild members, Children’s Circle of Care members or staff,” Jeanette Detlor says. “We feel privileged to be involved and delighted to give part of what we have been blessed with to such an important mission.” She has passed on to her children her desire to give back; the Detlors’ daughter Susan is a member of both the Friends of Costco and Bloom for Children’s Guilds.

In addition to volunteering with their guild and the Children’s Circle of Care Committee, the Detlors support the hospital through two endowments – the Cecile, Robert and Sandra Detlor Memorial Endowment for Uncompensated Care, created to remember John’s first family, and the Detlor–Duncan Family Endowment for Uncompensated Care, to honor their own family. The couple has also made plans for legacy gifts to be added to both endowments after their passing.

“Seattle Children’s mission has stood firm since Mrs. Clise started the hospital, and we feel the hospital will stay permanently committed to the mission,” John Detlor says. “Children’s is consistent with their mission and careful with the money donated to them – everything goes to improve the health of children.”

If you’d like to help future generations of children receive the very best care by including Seattle Children’s in your will or estate plan, email Jessica Breitbarth, or call her at 206-987-4977.