Local Patients Inspire Guild Support

The drive from Wenatchee to Seattle Children's takes Noah Johnson's family two and a half hours — and they've been making the trip since before Noah was born.

"Our lives were changed forever at my 21-week ultrasound," recalls Noah's mother, Andie Johnson. That's when Noah was diagnosed with a lymphatic malformation (large cysts on his cheek and neck) and his parents began meeting with Dr. Jonathan Perkins and others from Children's ear, nose and throat team to plan for his care. ...cont.

Membership News

Meet the Circle of Hope Guild

When the Circle of Hope Guild formed in March 2010, its members hit the ground running like seasoned fundraisers. Its first event, Cheers for Children's, raised more than $20,000 for uncompensated care. ...cont.

An Unbelievable Fourth YearAn Unbelievable Fourth Year

10 Years of Miracles10 Years of Miracles
Eight Mighty Years for MitoEight Mighty Years for Mito

Supporting Uncompensated Care for 25 YearsSupporting Uncompensated Care for 25 Years
A Second Success for the Autism GuildA Second Success for the Autism Guild

Tips for Success

Facebook Best Practices

With more than 500 million users, Facebook is one of the world's most popular social networking websites. Maximize the power of your guild's Facebook page and connect with guild members, potential members and community supporters. ...cont.

Leaving a Legacy

A Lifetime of Commitment to Children's

Lyle and Betty Appleford have been dedicated friends of Seattle Children's for more than 50 years. Betty joined the McGilvra Guild in her Madison Valley neighborhood in 1957 and participated in her first of many activities in support of Children's — the Penny Drive. ...cont.