“Heartwarming” Efforts Make a Big Impact

Helen Langer Guild News Spring 2011 Feature

Helen Langer of the Mary Ann Bothell Guild packed 177 pillowcases, 27 blankets and 16 travel pillows into suitcases last December. Since 1999, her guild has delivered similar suitcases to Seattle Children's every Christmas and Easter filled with items like these, which she and eight other members sew, knit and quilt throughout the year.

"We were told that there were enough pillowcases for each child at the hospital that day," recalls Langer.

Our guilds raise millions of dollars each year, making our volunteer network the envy of every hospital in the nation. ...cont.

Membership News

Butterfly Guild Round of Applause Spring 2011

Meet the Butterfly Guild

Joe and Sarah Bowman founded the Butterfly Guild in 2010 to support research into Shwachman-Diamond syndrome. Their daughter Annabelle was diagnosed with the syndrome at age 6 months after repeated unexplained rashes, an inability to keep food down and weight loss. ...cont.

Guild Association Annual Meeting Guild Association Annual Meeting
Team Seattle Races at Daytona Team Seattle Races at Daytona
Children's CEO, Dr. Tom Hansen Children's CEO, Dr. Tom Hansen
Another Success for the Star Guild Another Success for the Star Guild
Children's Patient Skyler Hamilton Children's Patient Skyler Hamilton
Dance Marathon Raises $27,000 Dance Marathon Raises $27,000

Tips for Success

Guild Succession Planning

Guild members are highly talented and engaged individuals, all donating considerable time and energy to their guilds' events or projects. Guild members do a great job of sharing the multitide of tasks involved in hosting a successful event. ...cont.

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy Spring 2011 Hub

Parents Support Life-Saving Research

Max Hanson was 8 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. "The bottom just dropped out of our world," recalls Erin Cordry, Max's mom and founder of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Guild. "We thought he was going to die."...cont.