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Facebook, the Internet's most popular social networking site, encourages the formation of online communities of people who share interests and activities, such as supporting Seattle Children's.

Dozens of guilds are already on Facebook, as are the hospital and the Guild Association. Guilds use Facebook to share news, connect with donors and invite supporters to events. Setting up a Facebook account for your guild is easy. While Facebook may change its settings at any time, currently you can:

  1. Visit and click "Create a page for a celebrity, band or business."
  2. Under "Create a Page for a: …" choose "Brand, product, or organization."
  3. From the dropdown menu that appears, choose "Non-profit."
  4. Name your page.
  5. Check the box to indicate that you're the official guild representative, and then click "Create Official Page."

To learn more about Facebook and other social media, attend a free class given by Children's Public Relations staff. For information such as dates and times, and to register for the class, call 206-987-2153.

Maintaining a Facebook page

  1. After creating your guild's Facebook page, contact the Guild Association for a copy of "Best Practices for Using Social Media on Behalf of Guilds," a handbook that explains privacy and comments policies and how to link your page to Children's.
  2. Add a logo to your Facebook page which states that your activities benefit Seattle Children's Hospital. See the example on this page.
  3. Patient privacy concerns require us to safeguard information that might identify someone as a Children's patient. Strict policies control the use of photography/videos related to patient care; the use of personal photography equipment in a Children's facility; and the use of patient photographs/videos for business purposes. Do not provide confidential patient information or publish photographs/videos of patients on Facebook or any other social networking site without a signed consent form, available through the Guild Association. If you wish to post video or photos of patients and/or family members taken at an event, be absolutely clear about your intentions with parents when you ask them to sign the consent form.
  4. Post new information weekly to stay relevant. You may post, upload or transmit only original materials or those for which you have copyright or other permission for electronic distribution; in the latter case, you must cite the original source.
  5. Review content (links, photos, videos, etc.) at least yearly to ensure that it's still up to date and viable.
  6. Make your page engaging with applications ("apps") such as Events or Causes. The richer the content, the more other Facebook users will interact and share your page.
  7. Check your Facebook settings, and the settings for any applications you use. Some applications display information about yourself or your actions online that you might prefer to keep private. You can also prevent specific people and "friend lists" from viewing an application by customizing privacy settings.
  8. Check your Wall and discussion board at least daily. Remove inappropriate comments or postings. Contact the Guild Association if you need help deciding whether a comment is inappropriate. Inappropriate material includes potentially libelous statements; obscene, explicit or racist language; personal attack, insults or threats; commercial product promotions; information taken from another source without permission; or private, personal information relayed by a third party without a patient's/family's consent. A posting isn't inappropriate simply because it criticizes the hospital or a guild. You can always respond to such a comment with information you feel has been neglected. Before deleting a post, consult your social media handbook.

In the next issue: Facebook best practices.

Post Our Logo

Benefiting Seattle Children's

Post this logo on your guild's Facebook page. Call 206-987-2153 to obtain an electronic copy of the logo.