Project Giggle Is Back!

Membership News

The Guild Association-wide effort known as Project Giggle collected thousands of infant toys and more than $6,000 for the purchase of additional toys in 2007. Project Giggle has returned, and we again ask for your help in providing toys for some of the hospital's youngest patients. Seattle Children's Child Life Department needs new toys for infants and toddlers, such as light, sound and pop-up toys; mirrors; links; rattles; teething rings; board books; sound books; sorting/stacking toys; busy boxes; washable squeeze toys; beginning cars and trucks; and Fisher-Price Little People play sets. No infant gyms, please.Give small patients a big reason to smile. Mail toys and financial donations to:

Project Giggle
Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association
PO Box 5371 / S-200
Seattle, WA 98145-5005

Project Giggle concludes at our 2011 annual meeting. Call 206-987-2153 with questions.

Time to Renew Your Membership

Guild Association membership dues provided $145,000 for uncompensated care in fiscal year 2010. Soon you will receive a letter requesting dues renewal by November 15. Regular membership dues are $25; senior and junior guild dues are $10. Lifetime memberships are $1,000 for individuals and $1,500 for couples. Renew online at Thank you for your prompt renewal!

Heartwarming Support for Kids

Not only do guilds raise a lot of money, they also raise a lot of spirits. Around the state, hundreds of members create or donate countless items that support young patients' care, such as toys, books, homemade blankets and dolls. Last year, the Agate Auxiliary donated more than 1,000 items such as hats and knitted therapy balls, and the Star Guild contributed 1,500 books. For years, the Apple Valley Guild has created colorful "surgery dolls" that are used to help children understand medical procedures. The Eastlake Junior Guild has donated more than 7,000 crayons.

The Jean Thompson Guild provides handmade finger puppets. The Sea-Tac Guild makes slippers. A Common Bond Guild distributes "comfort bags" to help families in the Infant Intensive Care Unit cope with the stress of their experience. "Patients and families appreciate the many generous donations from guilds," says Denise Green, volunteer manager at Seattle Children's. "A tiny blanket, a toy to distract a struggling baby, a Binky to calm a hurt or frightened child, can make a world of difference to a family."

Guild Promotes Cancer Awareness

Cancer Advocacy Network (CAN) Guild

The Cancer Advocacy Guild includes (back, from left) Kelsey Josund, Kelly Forebaugh, Megen Strand, (front, from left) Dene James and Lisa Claweson. Members from the Circus of Dreams, Friends for Life, Jaquish/Dukelow Memorial Cancer Research, Katie's Comforters, Pediatric Brain Tumor Research, Pink Polka Dots and We Keep SCORE Guilds started the new group.

Did you know that cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children in the U.S. between infancy and age 15? Or that more than 12,400 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year? To increase awareness of pediatric cancer, members of several special interest guilds recently formed the Cancer Advocacy Network (CAN) Guild. The guild believes greater awareness will translate to financial support for research conducted at Seattle Children's. Organizations around the country marked September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Members of the CAN Guild placed cans in area businesses to collect donations and promote the gold ribbon, the official symbol for childhood cancer awareness. The guild is also developing a website to provide information on cancer research and oncology care and to support fundraising efforts. To learn more, call Megen Strand at 206-987-4823 or email

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to 43 guilds that celebrated five-year milestone anniversaries of at least 10 years in 2010. Nineteen of these guilds celebrated anniversaries of at least 50 years.

50 years

  • Canyon Park Guild

55 years

  • Dr. T.C. Baldwin Guild
  • Lawrence Colman Guild
  • Nellie H. MacMurray Auxiliary
  • Ora Yarwood Auxiliary
  • Ridgecrest Guild
  • Whitestone Guild

60 years

  • Alma Stewart Ballinger Guild
  • Lucile Halgren Guild
  • Sally Johnson Guild

65 years

  • Dr. Caspar Sharples Guild
  • Helen Malloy Guild
  • Loyal Heights Guild
  • Melba Knox Guild
  • Olive Kerry Guild

70 years

  • Adaline Coffman Guild
  • Clara Armstrong Guild

80 years

  • Olive Roberts Guild

85 years

  • Dr. Myrtle Kienle Guild

Funding Focus Finale

On October 1, our three-year Funding Focus heads into its final year. In fiscal 2011, we will raise the remaining $1.5 million of our overall $4.5 million Funding Focus commitment. Three leading-edge programs benefit equally from these efforts: the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program, the Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth and the Program in Cardiac Innovation. Consider a Raise the Paddle at your next event to benefit one of these areas, and many thanks for supporting our Funding Focus!