A Family Tradition of Philanthropy

Leaving a Legacy: The Ederer Family

(From left) David Ederer, Dan Ederer and Deanne Ederer Emmons are among the many guild-affiliated individuals who support Seattle Children's through legacy giving.

"Seattle Children's is an unbelievable resource for our community," says longtime supporter and legacy donor Dan Ederer. The ties between the hospital and Dan and his family run deep: Dan's children have been treated at the hospital, and his sister, Deanne Ederer Emmons, is a member of the Phil Smart Sr. Guild. Janice Ederer, Dan and Deanne's mother, served on the Guild Association board. After Janice passed away from a brain tumor, Dan, Deanne and their father David Ederer established the Janice Ederer Endowment for Pediatric Neurology.

"The endowment is a long-term celebration of my mother's memory," says Dan. The total has grown to nearly $800,000. "It's been great to watch it grow over time. I feel it's making a bigger impact, and that encourages me to give more." He also strongly supports uncompensated care. "I can't imagine being a parent and not being able to pay for care my child needed. I feel privileged that I have the means to pay for my children's care. As a person of means it's my responsibility to contribute."

"Seattle Children's is an unbelievable resource for our community."

Dan Ederer, legacy donor

Dan is especially proud that his children have embraced the family tradition of philanthropy. "My 8-year-old daughter started a guild called Children 4 Children's. It's a great way to teach our children to help others who may not have the same opportunities we do. My daughter held a garage sale, and it's as thrilling for her to give the proceeds as it is for us to give to our endowment."

One way the Ederer family maximizes their endowment giving is through life insurance. Years ago, they purchased a policy with low payments that will create a $400,000 gift in the future. "We'd been doing other estate planning at the time and thought we'd love to make a bigger gift to the hospital," says Dan. "Life insurance is pretty cheap, easy and will increase my mother's endowment."

To learn how your life insurance policy can benefit Children's, and about other ways to include the hospital in your estate plan, call Lorraine del Prado at 206-987-4977 or Christina Lui at 206-987-6812.