2016 Annual Report: A Record-Breaking Year to Celebrate!

In each Guild News spring issue we feature a financial recap of the previous fiscal year. Thank you for making 2016 a record-breaking fundraising year! Details about each guild’s fundraising impact can be found here.

Download the full annual report (PDF).

In 2016:

Judy Ogden Spring 2017

  • You raised $15.75 million.
  • You helped us add 11 new guilds, 519 new guild members and 66 Research Champion guilds.
  • You donated innumerable toys to our patients through Project Play Time.
  • You volunteered 94,380 hours.

“Guild members never cease to amaze me. They are creative, hardworking, generous – and they know how to have fun! All while supporting Seattle Children's!"

– Judy Ogden, chair, Seattle Children’s Guild Association Board of Trustees

Seattle Children’s Guild Association Legacies

Run of Hope Spring 2017 Of the Guardians’ Circle members who have included Seattle Children’s in their wills or estate plans, 22% are also current guild members.

Last fiscal year, Seattle Children’s recorded $1,355,222 in guild-affiliated planned giving bequests from estate plans. Legacy gifts support care for future generations of children and help our researchers discover tomorrow’s cures. Thank you to the many guild members who support Seattle Children’s through legacy giving.

“Brain tumors have the highest mortality rate of all pediatric cancers. We want to make sure that every child with brain cancer has a chance to be cured – that’s why our team of volunteers pours hundreds of hours into making Run of Hope Seattle a successful fundraiser and an unforgettable day.”

– Erin Cordry, Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Guild founder and Run of Hope Seattle co-chair

Guild Fundraising Programs (Amount Received by the Guild Association Office)

  • Guild projects and events: $15,613,600
  • Membership dues: $142,400
  • Total revenue from Guild Association programs: $15,756,000

Guild-Affiliated Revenue in Foundation Programs (Gross Revenue)

  • Annual Giving: $1,077,872
  • Major Gifts: $370,003
  • Planned Giving: $1,355,222
  • Total guild-affiliated revenue received by foundation programs: $2,803,097
  • Total Guild Association contribution to fundraising: $18,559,097

Guild Association projects and events supported the following in fiscal year 2016:

  • Uncompensated care: $11,244,104
  • Pediatric research: $2,132,854
  • Patient care programs: $2,236,642
  • Total: $15,613,600