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Help and Support


Resources for Help and Support

  • Chapel and Meditation Room
    Provides spiritual resources such as books, audiotapes, CDs, prayer rugs and head coverings.
  • Chaplain / Pastoral and Spiritual Care
    Provides respectful spiritual care and emotional support to patients, families and staff.
  • Family Resource Center
    Provides information and support for patients and families on a wide range of topics.
  • Guest Services
    Provides resources for patients and families for a smooth arrival, stay and departure from Seattle Children’s.
  • Interpreters
    Provides interpreters for sign language and most foreign languages at no cost to the patient or family.
  • Social Work
    Skilled counselors who work with families to get the resources they need, including help paying for food, transportation and housing.
  • Support Groups for Parents and Families
    Children’s sponsors and hosts a variety of support groups/networks for families of children with special needs.