Treating Crohn's Disease Without Medication


In this video series, we address questions commonly asked by parents of children with IBD. For more information, check out our other videos on IBD at: or visit: 0:06 So many people ask, is there a way of treating Crohn's, treating Crohn's flares, without using medication, without using steroids, and the answer is yes. There is something called EEN, or Exclusive Enteral Nutrition, which allows an individual to get into remission without using the steroids. 0:27 EEN entails formula-based therapy for about 8-12 weeks' time, and what that means is an individual takes formula and formula alone for that period of time. Individuals can have water, but we ask that you don't eat other foods, and drink other drinks. 0:47 EEN allows you to get into remission without the potential side effects of steroids. But in addition, individuals who go on to EEN have much better nutritional status after therapy. 1:03 And finally, EEN allows for better mucosal healing within the bowels, and why that is important is because we know that individuals who have better mucosal healing are much less likely to flare, and much more likely to stay in remission. So if you're interested in EEN, it's important to discuss this option with your pediatric gastroenterologist.