Nutritional Needs for Your Child with IBD


A balanced diet can help manage your child’s IBD symptoms. Dr. David Suskind explains how each child’s nutritional needs – and “problem foods” -- are unique. Creating a diet that works for your child plays an important role in treatment.

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0:05 Nutrition and diet come up on a daily basis, in regards to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We want to ensure that your child gains weight and grows as best as he or she can. And to do that, it's important to have an overall well-balanced, nutritious diet.

0:28 We don't know of any one particular food or foods that cause problems for each individual. That means each individual may have some foods that cause them problems, and other foods that don't. There is not one food that we always say remove from your diet. We do see that some people have problems with popcorn, and specifically the kernels, which sometimes dig into the mucosa. But that may not be true for everybody, and that may not be true for your child. So it's important to see what works for your child, and what doesn't work for your child.

1:12 If your child is having a flare, there are some foods that we do recommend that you remove. That includes milk and milk products, as well as high sugar products. These items worsen symptoms. There's no one diet that's going to work for every individual.

1:33 There is a diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which eliminates all grains from the diet, which does seem to help some individuals get into remission, and stay in remission. If you want more information about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, please check out my other video.