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Laser Ablation Surgery for Epilepsy and Brain Tumors | Seattle ...

... Tuberous sclerosis , which can cause seizures or other brain problems; A deep
brain tumor that is growing slowly (low-grade brain tumor). ...

J Lawrence Merritt II | Seattle Children's Hospital

... 2nd, Davis DM, Pittelkow MR, Babovic-Vuksanovic D. Extensive acrochordons and
pancreatic islet-cell tumors in tuberous sclerosis associated with TSC2 mutations. ...

Epilepsy Program | Seattle Children's Hospital

... These include tuberous sclerosis complex, in which tumors grow in the brain and
other organs. The tumors can affect the central nervous system. ...

Kidney Diseases | Seattle Children's Hospital

... medullary cystic disease); Nephritis (including Alport's syndrome); Tuberous
sclerosis; Congenital nephrotic syndrome; Cystinosis; Primary ...

Thomas Sean Lendvay | Seattle Children's Hospital

Doctor Profile: Thomas Sean Lendvay, MD.

Neurocutaneous Syndromes | Seattle Children's Hospital

... include: neurofibromatosis, types 1 and 2 (NF1 and NF2); Sturge-Weber syndrome;
tuberous sclerosis (TS); ... Tuberous Sclerosis. Tuberous ...

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The State of Autism in 2013 | The Autism Blog

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... Retinoblastoma • Hereditary Paraganglioma-Pheochromocytoma Syndrome • Tuberous
Sclerosis Complex Pediatric Conditions in ACMG Guidelines Page 14. ...