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We are committed to helping families raise healthy children. Our videos, articles and flyers provide the latest child and teen health, safety and parenting information. You’ll find resources about injury prevention, fitness, nutrition and other topics to help keep your child or teen safe and healthy.

Texting while driving, exercising or even walking can cause deadly accidents.

Experts from the Autism Center share resources and information with parents of children with autism spectrum disorders.

Strong Families, Strong Communities
A community working together makes everyone stronger. Get ideas for simple things you can do to strengthen families.
Promote strong families
Promote Strong Families, Strong Communities

As an organ and tissue donor, you can help save or improve the lives of over 8 people.

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  • Rear-Facing Until 2 (0:00:30)

    In this 30-second video, learn why children should ride in the back seat in a rear-facing car seat until they are age 2, or until they reach the upper weight or height limit for their seat.

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    • Guns in the Home

      One out of every three homes with children in the U.S. has a gun. Many of these guns are kept unlocked or loaded. Children and teens are at the greatest risk of unintentional deaths, injuries and... cont.

    • Safety Gear for Sports and Play

      Many childhood injuries can be prevented. Give your child the right safety gear, teach them how to use it and make sure they wear it every time. Check with your child's coach to see which gear is... cont.

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Featured In Wellness


  • Children’s Mental Health (0:00:30)

    Mark Fadool, clinical director of mental health services at Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, provides early warning signs of mental health issues in kids and teens and urges us all to notice the signs... cont.

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