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One in 10 kids will have a mental health problem that needs treatment. Learn the signs.

Make sure the helmet fits
Ride Like There Is a Tomorrow
You can prevent head injuries by making sure your child's helmet fits right.
Make sure the helmet fits
Water Safety banner
Enjoy the Water Safely
Learn when you and your child should wear life jackets, why they are important and how to buy life jackets that fit correctly.
Life jackets for children and teens (PDF)

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  • Rear-Facing Until 2 (0:00:30)

    In this 30-second video, learn why children should ride in the back seat in a rear-facing car seat until they are age 2, or until they reach the upper weight or height limit for their seat.

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    • Guns in the Home

      One out of every three homes with children in the U.S. has a gun. Many of these guns are kept unlocked or loaded. Children and teens are at the greatest risk of unintentional deaths, injuries and... cont.

    • Safety Gear for Sports and Play

      Many childhood injuries can be prevented. Give your child the right safety gear, teach them how to use it and make sure they wear it every time. Check with your child's coach to see which gear is... cont.

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  • Power Of A Google Search: Community

    One Google search can sometimes change everything. After learning something new about our child’s health or condition, especially for worried parents and caregivers, leveraging online search as a resource in diagnosis, clarification and education is typical behavior. Searching out support, camaraderie and tips online just makes sense. In fact, 2013 data from the Pew Research Center finds […]

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  • Children’s Mental Health (0:00:30)

    Mark Fadool, clinical director of mental health services at Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, provides early warning signs of mental health issues in kids and teens and urges us all to notice the signs... cont.

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