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Safety and Wellness

We are committed to helping families raise healthy children. Our videos, articles and flyers provide the latest child and teen health, safety and parenting information. You’ll find resources about injury prevention, fitness, nutrition and other topics to help keep your child or teen safe and healthy.

Know what to expect, set limits and use praise.

Vaccines prevent diseases that can make babies and others very sick or even cause death.

During this five-hour class, babysitters ages 11 to 15 learn CPR, basic first aid and how to use an AED.

You can prevent head injuries by making sure your child's helmet fits right.

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Rear-Facing Until 2 (0:00:30)


In this 30-second video, learn why children should ride in the back seat in a rear-facing car seat until they are age 2, or until they reach the upper weight or height limit for their seat.

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Learn which foods can cause choking and how to avoid other choking risks.

Teens, Depression and Guns

Research has shown that one in five teens will go through a period of major depression by the time they are 18 years of age. ... cont.

Seattle Mama Doc

Go, Dad, Go! Daniel Murphy’s Accidental Heroism

Posted on: April 03, 2014

Not that I want these guys to get much more attention, but this is worthy of a mention and possibly a view (see video below). I mean it isn’t every day that we’re teed up to talk about fatherhood. Motherhood, sure, we’re constantly fed information about the elusive “balance” we all seek, but fatherhood and […]

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Small Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle: 7-5-2-1-0 (00:00:30)


In this 30-second video, Dr. Mollie Greves Grow provides simple steps you can take with your family to work toward a healthier lifestyle.

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About the Flu

Be ready for flu season by getting your vaccination as soon as possible. Learn all about the flu.

Explaining Cancer to Kids

Children often become aware of cancer when a family member, friend or schoolmate has it. It’s important to talk about cancer ... cont.

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Spring 2014: Good Growing Newsletter

In This Issue

  • Cold Water Shock Can Quickly Cause Drowning
  • E-Cigs Are Addictive and Harmful
  • Bystanders Can Intervene to Stop Bullying

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