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# Title Revised
- Institutional Authority Page  
IRB-1 Authority of the IRB 1/28/13
IRB-2 IRB Jurisdiction 1/28/13
IRB-3 Research Participants 1/28/13
IRB-4 IRB Membership and Term 1/28/13
IRB-5 Attendance Requirements of IRB Members 1/28/13
IRB-6 IRB Member Training 1/28/13
IRB-7 Removal of IRB Members 1/28/13
IRB-8 Meetings, Minutes and Quorum 1/29/14
IRB-9 IRB Records 1/28/13
IRB-010   IRB Review Criteria - New Studies 1/28/13
IRB-011   Full IRB Review of New Applications 1/28/13
IRB-12 See IRB-011  
IRB-013 Informed Consent 1/28/13
IRB-14 Ongoing Monitoring and Continuing Review Process for Full IRB-Reviewed Studies 1/28/13
IRB-15  See IRB-011   
IRB-016   Engagement in Non-Exempt Human Subjects Research Activities 1/28/13
IRB-017   Investigator and Research Team Member Training in the Protection of Human Subjects 1/28/13
IRB-18 Waiver or Modification of Informed Consent 1/28/13
IRB-019 Documentation of Informed Consent 1/28/13
IRB-020 Parental Permission and Child Assent 1/28/13
IRB-021 Informed Consent from Persons with Limited English Proficiency 1/28/13
IRB-22 Expedited Review 1/28/13
IRB-23   IRB Review of Modifications 1/29/13
IRB-24 Recruiting Potential Research Participants 1/29/13
IRB-25 Use of Investigational Products When Research Participant Enters Children's as a Second Institution 1/29/13
IRB-26 Adverse Event Reporting 1/29/13
IRB-27 Procedures for Determining Exemptions 1/29/13
IRB-28 Facilitated IRB Review for Studies Approved by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Pediatric Central Institutional Review Board (PedCIRB) 6/3/14
IRB-29 Emergency Use of Drugs, Biologics and Devices 1/29/13
IRB-030   Reporting Incidents 5/2/13
IRB-31 Research Using Protected Health Information 1/29/13
IRB-32 Principal Investigator's Appeal Process or Processs to Request a Reconsideration 1/29/13
IRB-33 Administrative Review of Unfunded Research Proposals 1/29/13
IRB-034 Research Repositories of Human Materials and/or Data 1/29/13
IRB-35 Prohibition on the Use of Enrollment Incentives to Individuals or Institutions to Recruit Participants in Research Studies 1/29/13
IRB-36 Payments to Take Part in Research 1/8/14
IRB-37 Suspension or Termination of IRB Approval of Research 1/29/13
IRB-038 IRB Submission Standards for New and Continuing Review Applications 1/29/13
IRB-39 Research Involving Children Who Are Wards of the State 1/29/13
IRB-040 Compassionate Use of an Investigational Device 1/29/13
IRB-041 Significant/Nonsignificant Risk Determinations for Investigational Devices 1/29/13
IRB-042 Consultation Process for New Full Applications 1/29/13
IRB-043 Compensation for Injuries Sustained by Research Participants  
IRB-044 IRB Fee Policy  
IRB-045 Submission of Data to GWAS Repositories 8/9/13
OIA-001 Translational Costs for Research Documents 2/7/13
OIA-001 OIA-001 Application (DOC) 2/7/13